3 Reasons Church Planting Matters

church planting

When you take a look at the numbers, you may wonder: do we really need to continue planting new churches? Aren’t there enough churches out there, and wouldn’t it be more prudent to invest in them and really watch them grow?

Here at Doulos Partners, we believe that church planting is still essential, even with the extraordinary number of churches we have seen God raise up throughout the years. Keep reading to find out the reasons behind this belief.

#1: There Are Still Many Unreached People

Sometimes, people can be under the incorrect impression that most of the world has heard of Jesus. This is simply not true, especially in certain parts of the world like India, Africa, and the Middle East. In spite of the amazing number of churches Doulos has seen planted, there are still many more people who have not heard – and potentially will not hear unless they encounter a church plant in their hometown.

#2: It’s Obedient to the Great Commission

There are many ways to be obedient to Jesus’s last words on earth, and planting churches is one of them. That’s how we choose to obey, but you may choose something a bit different, like a short term mission trip or even a simple conversation with your unbelieving neighbor. Another way to look at it is to say that Doulos helps new pastors obey the Great Commission by providing the funding they need to pastor a new church – so even though we may not personally be telling someone about Christ in that village, we are enabling someone else to do so.

#3: It Changes Lives

Our Stories from the Field series is an incredible testimony to the power of Christ in people’s lives. Many of the individuals we have encountered overseas have given up their personal safety, their families, and even their lives for the sake of the Gospel – and if that isn’t evidence of a heart that has been transformed by God, then nothing is.

Interested in Supporting Our Work?

To continue doing what the Lord has called us to do, we need the support of people like you. Whether you pray, give, or go, your help can make a huge difference in the life of someone who hears about God for the first time.

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