3 Ways Your Family Can Be a Part of Our Work

family involvement in ministry

Here at Doulos, we come alongside established, successful church planting ministries that already have solid relationships with natives around the world, and we help them spread the gospel to the people in their country.

Maybe you want your family to be more involved in this kind of work, but you don’t know how to make that happen. We’ve got 3 tangible, active ways you can help make that dream a reality.

#1: Pray.

Prayer is often viewed as a passive way to support ministry, but we believe it’s the single most important thing you can do. When your family prays for pastors in other countries, the God of the universe hears you – your words aren’t just going into a vacuum or hitting the ceiling.

Scripture is clear that prayer is important to God, and that it is effective in protecting and providing for our needs. Praying for our pastors to have wisdom, to be protected from evil, and to carry out God’s will isn’t just something to do as an afterthought – it’s an essential part of those pastors’ ministries.

Pray with your family, and watch God work not only in the field, but also in your relationships with your spouse and children. If you’re not sure what to pray for, take a look at our prayer grams.

#2: Give.

We’ve mentioned before that all of our administrative expenses are fully funded by our board of directors. That means that every cent of your donation goes directly to the field. It also means that donations are vital to allowing us to continue our work. Without them, we cannot fund pastors – and church plants may not happen.

When you donate to Doulos Partners, you can rest assured that your gift will be put to great use as we work with Christian church planting organizations and native believers to spread the Gospel. Every dollar you give equals two potential professions of faith!

You can donate to Doulos here.

#3: Go.

Some of you may feel that your family is ready for on-site ministry. You have prayed, you have given, and now you are ready to use your hands in a physical way to further the Kingdom. That’s great! We have three mission trips coming up this year:

  •      Punjab, India. April 3-11.
  •      Jinja, Uganda. June 9-18.
  •      Santa Clara, Cuba. Nov. 4-11.

On these trips, we preach, share testimonies, baptize new believers, train church planters, hear reports and testimonies of how God is working, and spend time singing and worshiping with the leaders of the congregations. Your family will also learn a lot about the culture, and will certainly come back changed.

If you are interested in being a part of one of these trips, let us know.

Thank You for Your Involvement!

Whether you are praying for us, donating to our work, or planning to join us overseas this year, we are grateful for all your support. Thank you, and may the Lord give you wisdom as you consider ways for your family to be more involved in ministry!

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