31 Days of Prayer, Week 2

woman praying

Throughout the month of March, we will be providing daily prayer prompts for each day of the week, Monday through Saturday. Each Sunday, as you gather with the fellowship of believers in your local church, we are asking you to pray for all the new believers that we have seen come to know the Lord within that week. For the first three weeks, we’ll focus on the prayer needs of one of our ministry partners. We then will share Doulos specific prayer requests as we finish out the month.

Week of March 9—14: Biglife

Biglife describes itself as a “faith-based ministry committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through personalized interactions, one-on-one training, and the commitment to ongoing discipleship and multiplication.” Biglife has dedicated itself to “empowering believers worldwide to reach and disciple their own.” It does so in more than 120 countries around the world, including many places where the gospel is not yet known. Romans 15:20-21.

Monday, March 9: Pray for all the participants in the “24:14” coalition (named for Matthew 24:14) of churches, believers, and ministries, including Biglife and Biglife’s European Directors, Peter and Jane Dunn. Pray for their unity and success in sharing ideas and helping each other and us all to preach the gospel of the kingdom to the whole world as a testimony to all nations. Matthew 24:14.  

Tuesday, March 10: Pray for Biglife’s participation in the “WinterJam” Christian music concerts. Biglife’s role at the concerts is to cast a vision for disciple-making movements and to find and encourage those willing to go and participate in the Great Commission. Matthew 9:37-38.

Wednesday, March 11: Pray for our Brother Habil who is training disciples in Tunisia and Algeria. Pray for the faithfulness and courage of those receiving the training and for open hearts and minds among those who will hear and learn about Jesus from these trainees. 2 Timothy 4:1-2.

Thursday, March 12: Pray for our brother Mark and the network of about 4,000 disciple-makers the Lord has called in the last two years in South Sudan. Remarkable numbers are coming to the Lord. The new believers there are dedicated to taking the gospel to six unreached people groups in very remote areas of the region, where there are no roads or electricity and very little water. Mark and his teams are living among these isolated people and discipling them. Pray that the mighty harvest will continue and spread. Acts 2:46-47.

Friday, March 13: Our brother Michel in the Democratic Republic of Congo encourages us to pray for two new disciples there and the challenges they face. Pray for our new sister, Bora, who recently was baptized, and for her husband, who has been opposed to the work the Lord is doing in Bora’s life. Thank the Lord for what He has done for our brother Mushagalusa, who told Michel: “I am tired of the life I have been living before. I have been forgiven, because I invited God to forgive me.” Mark 5:19-20.

Saturday, March 14: Pray for our Ghanaian brother Isaac, who has been praying, working, and searching in Guinea to find persons of peace in order to share the gospel with a particular unengaged, unreached people group. Pray that the Lord will bless Isaac’s efforts and that the Lord will call new believers and disciple-makers both in Ghana and in Guinea. Romans 10:15.

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