31 Days of Prayer, Week 4

Throughout March, we have been providing daily prayer prompts for each day of the week, Monday through Saturday. Each Sunday, as you gather with the fellowship of believers in your local church, we are asking you to pray for all the new believers that we have seen come to know the Lord within that week. For the first three weeks, we focused on prayer needs of our ministry partners. Now we’re sharing Doulos-specific requests as we finish out the month.

March 23—31: Doulos Partners 

Monday, March 23: Board of Directors. Since inception, our Board of Directors has been able to cover all administrative costs associated with the ministry. In addition to the sacrificial financial donations, they give their time and talents to help us continue to grow in our mission. Please pray for the men and women that serve on our Board. Ask the Lord to continue to provide wisdom and discernment for them as we look with great excitement to the years ahead. Philippians 4:10-19. 

Tuesday, March 24: The Southwest Region. In November, the Lord allowed us to see expansion take place domestically as we opened a new office in Oklahoma City. This office and its staff will help us reach an entire new territory of friends to partner with all of us. Pray for Brent, our Southwest Market President, as he leads these efforts. Ask the Lord to continue to provide new opportunities to tell others in that area of the country about how they can help us to empower the indigenous to reach their neighbors. Ephesians 6:19-20.

Wednesday, March 25: Junior Board. As we began to think about how to plan for the future, we realized that we needed to help ensure growth in the next generation of leadership. Our Junior Board is made up of individuals with an average age of 29 who are coming alongside Doulos to help us think strategically about how to engage the next generation in the years ahead. Much like the full Board, they are giving their time, talent and treasure to help us improve. Ask the Lord to continue to help them grow in their understanding of who He is. Pray that they would have discernment and clarity as they counsel us in reaching the nations and the next generation. Proverbs 27:17. 

Thursday, March 26: New Potential Field Partners. Since our inception, we’ve had over 3,000 partner requests. Because we have a laser focus on evangelism, discipleship, and church planting, we have only been able to say “yes” to very few of them. We think that the Lord might have in mind for us additional partners to share in our work, answering the call of the Great Commission. Pray that God would make any such potential partners very clear to us. Ask that He would allow providential meetings and conversations to take place as we all seek His will for new partnerships, new countries and new opportunities to empower indigenous leaders. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.

Friday, March 27: Our Church Partners. There are a number of churches which have partnered with us to empower the indigenous. They are leading their congregations to give, to go and to pray for the work that is taking place around the world. Pray for God to continue to use these churches and their pastoral leadership to help their members think more globally about missions. Colossians 1:3-6.

Saturday, March 28: Our donors. There are hundreds of people around the country and around the world just like you! They are reading this even now and beginning to pray for the work of Doulos Partners. God is truly helping move the gospel further and faster to the ends of the Earth by using people like you to help us empower the indigenous. Pray that the Lord would be evident in the lives of our donors and that they would be moved to share the story of what God is doing at Doulos. Ask that He would lead them to not only to continue to give, but to join us on the field to see the work firsthand. Ephesians 3:16-19.  

Sunday, March 29: Pray for those who came to know Jesus this week. 1 Peter 2:2-3.

Monday, March 30: Our Staff. The Lord continues to amaze us as He perfectly places our staff together. From Susan, Elizabeth and Marcia ensuring that our back office runs smoothly, to Brian overseeing all of our technological needs, and Courtney helping plan and execute events; our entire team uses their God-given skills, gifts and abilities to help our office run like a well-oiled machine. Pray that we would continue to have unity and harmony as we work together in the advancement of the Kingdom. Ask the Lord to continue to give us a heart for the nations and an urgency in our work to make sure that all hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Join us in asking Him to make level the paths for our feet as we endeavor to work for the Lord every minute of every day as He also protects us from the snares of the evil one. 1 Corinthians 3:9. 

Tuesday, March 31: The Days Ahead. Tomorrow will be 12 years since David got in his car and began the journey to Birmingham to start Doulos Partners alongside Wayne Myrick and Scott Gurosky. We have seen the Lord so incredible work over these last 12 years, but we believe that Doulos’ best days are ahead of us. Pray for David and for Josh as they seek to lead Doulos in the days ahead. Ask the Lord to continue to provide wisdom that surpasses all of our understanding as we seek His will for what is to come. Our deep desire is to see no country left behind, no people group left behind, and no segment left behind. Join us in asking for boldness and for courage to take steps to see that vision become a reality as He makes His will and guidance better known to us. Romans 15:20-21.

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