A Unique Christmas Gift to the World

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The Christmas season allows us to enjoy the glad tidings and great joy that we experience through giving to family, friends and others we encounter daily. It also guides us back to the good news of the ultimate Christmas gift that we share on the mission field through the birth of Jesus.

As you head around town searching for the right gift for loved ones in your family, consider something different this season that will have a lasting impact around the globe.

Give the gift of God’s unique Christmas gift to the world by donating in your loved one’s name to Doulos Partners.

Delivering a Unique Christmas Gift to the World

Christmas affords us the opportunity to never forget our calling from God, to spread the good news of God’s unique Christmas gift to as many people as possible in the quickest and most cost-efficient manner imaginable.

When you donate to Doulos Partners, every penny goes directly to the mission of building God’s Kingdom through indigenous pastors around the globe.

Your donation empowers our pastors to effectively spread the Gospel in their home region, disciple new believers and allow God’s hand to raise up new leaders to continue proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

Investing in Spreading the Unique Christmas Gift to the World

Whether you’re in the mission field or supporting those around the globe, you play a critical role in sharing God’s unique Christmas gift to your fellow man, woman and child.

Your generosity equips our pastors with the necessary resources they need to fulfill their calling including prayer support, education and accountability to maintain the highest standards of integrity and personal growth and encouragement.

Impact of God’s Unique Christmas Gift

How much of an impact have do donors like you make on the mission field?

So far this year, your gifts have contributed to over 1.1 million people proclaim their faith in Christ in 36 countries, across 4 continents at a cost of just 51 cents per profession of faith.

As our calling in evangelism, discipleship and church planting continues, we cherish your gift to the Kingdom of God and wish you a Merry Christmas!

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