Our Work

Our Mission

Doulos Partners exists to empower the indigenous to take the gospel further and faster to the ends of the earth.


What does that mean? We are committed to working with indigenous believers and established organizations to share the gospel and disciple new believers into faithful followers of Christ while planting churches. 

Christian Church Planting Organization

Our Approach

We partner with established, successful church planting ministries that already have deep relationships with indigenous pastors around the world. We work with Christian church planting organizations and indigenous believers to spread the Gospel.


100% of the evangelical work, from leadership at the national level to share the Gospel one-on-one, is done by nationals in their own countries. This approach eliminates many of the obstacles that Western missionaries around the world face in gaining trust, navigating customs, and learning the culture.

You Partner With Us

We serve as a mission’s mutual fund, sending resources where they will get the greatest return on investment (ROI).


Since inception, our Board has covered all of our administrative costs which means we have been able to send your gifts straight to the field.

Together, We Supply Church Planters and Lay Persons-In-Training

Together, we supply our partners with what they need, which includes:


  • Resources and prayer support they need to continue and expand their work.
  • Education and accountability they need to ensure the highest standards of integrity and personal growth.
  • Encouragement, love, and support through short-term mission trips. The results? More churches were planted and more people chose Christ as their savior.


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How Does It Work?

A Doulos-sponsored evangelist, native to that country, goes into a village or town.


He begins reaching the lost through street preaching, personal testimony, the Jesus film - whatever works for the culture and people. Once people accept Jesus, he immediately begins to disciple these new believers.


From these new believers, God faithfully raises up a leader.


Inevitably, a “Timothy” will emerge, someone with the gift and heart of pastoring. The evangelist disciples and trains this new believer to lead and preach.

What the “Church” Looks Like:

The new believers and pastor plant a new church. It may meet in a hut, storefront, or someone’s home. As this church and pastor mature, they reach their village or city, adding to their number. They may even plant new churches themselves. For example, in a Cuban city, one church pastor began 70 new plants!


The evangelist then moves to another village or town and begins evangelizing there. The evangelist continues to support church planting work in the area by providing mentoring and accountability. Furthermore, he continues to move to new areas, replicating the process to reach more lost.

How Are You Involved? You Give, Go, or Both.

Consider Donating. 


Doulos serves as a no-load missions mutual fund, investing in proven ministry conduits to local church leaders. 100% of your donation goes directly to fieldwork on the ground around the world.


Every dollar you donate helps change lives, plant churches, and bring people to God. Please consider Donating to Doulos Partners.


Consider Mission Work.


You can also travel with us to Cuba or one of the dozens of countries in Asia or Africa to partner in the great work that God is doing through Doulos Partners. When you go, you get hands-on experiences. For example, you can offer your testimony, assist with baptisms, or simply share what’s on your heart— i.e. how to have effective quiet times, how to nurture your marriage, etc.


Our name, Doulos, is a Greek word in Scripture meaning slave—as in bondservant to the master, Jesus Christ—fully committed to carrying out His commandments. Do you want to be a slave to God? These are the partners we seek.


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