August 2020 Prayer Gram


Pandemic-Related Prayer Requests from One of Our Partners

New Generations, one of our ministry partners focused on launching disciple-making movements and church-planting movements around the world, has shared with us a list of specific prayer requests during the pandemic. They ask that we pray specifically for the Lord to do the following through His Spirit and/or His followers:

  • Stop the plague
  • Heal the sick
  • Meet the needs
  • Repair the damage to the hurting
  • Protect His people
  • Open opportunities to share the Gospel

Prayer Requests from the “Deaf Reaching Deaf for Christ”

DOOR International, another one of our ministry partners, has shared the following prayer requests:

  • Continued unity among members of the Deaf Ministry Coalition
  • Creative ways for 2×2 teams to reach their communities during the pandemic
  • Thankfulness for the lives and ministries of our sister Helena in Ethiopia and our brother Deng in South Sudan, and comfort for their families after their recent deaths
  • Healing of Soham, recently hospitalized in South Asia for non-COVID reasons
  • Health and safety of the Kenyan teams as violence and robberies have increased there
  • Hopes for a baby for Morris Yanga and his wife in South Sudan
  • Dealing with travel restrictions that hinder teams from spreading the Gospel or visiting their families

Update from Brother Leo in Cameroon

Our Brother Leo and the teams in southeastern Cameroon are reporting that the Cameroonian Bomwali believers now number 100, with five church plants. These are the first known Christ-followers and churches among this people group. Two disciple-makers are living among the Bomwali. Brother Leo and his teams are now taking the Gospel to other unreached, unengaged people groups in Cameroon.  

Perhaps the biggest challenges in the southeastern part of the country are the severe geographic isolation and travel difficulties. The places, if not the people, are very hard to reach. By contrast, in northern Cameroon, the biggest challenges include political and religious animosity and extremist opposition from terrorist groups such as Boko Haram. Please pray for even more fruitfulness in the work throughout Cameroon and for wisdom and protection for all the disciple-makers, church-planters, and new believers there. Ephesians 6:19-20.

Update from Brother Isaac in Ghana

Our brother Isaac reports that more and more people are coming to the Lord and being baptized. Perhaps even more remarkable than the 1,800 small groups and 10,000 new believers, is the devotion and commitment of the new believers to share the Gospel and make more disciples of Christ. Acts 17:11.

Update from Dave Marrett in South Asia

Dave Marrett reports that his teams, led by brother Joseph and others, have kept sharing food and the love of Christ despite severe lockdown restrictions in a security sensitive area. Dave reports that, “Our team, often under cover of darkness, has been able to get out and bring food relief to almost 7,000 people, who are primarily day laborers in the fields or factories. This has opened up significant opportunities for the future as well as the present. Their teamwork, obedience and love for God and others have seen somewhat of a partial redemption of this lockdown by being able to connect with villages that are in great need….They have been under regular surveillance by the military, so to even open the Bible and share was a great demonstration of obedience and courage.” Pray for these brave disciples and the thousands they are helping. Matthew 14:16.

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