Before You Leave: What to Do Before Your Mission Trip

Are you going on a mission trip? We have some essentials you will want to take care off before you take your life-changing journey.

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Christian Nonprofit in BirminghamMany mission trips are overseas. To travel overseas you need a passport. If you have never gotten a passport before, you may not know that the process can last up to eight weeks.

Passports also cost a little over $100. Will it take you awhile to save up the money for a passport? Because it could take eight weeks to receive your passport, you should at least plan to get your passport picture made nine weeks prior. If money is an issue, give yourself even longer.


The best way to ensure you will be able to raise the proper amount of funding for your mission trip is to start a little over a year in advance.  While it is possible to raise money for a mission trip more quickly, it would be a rather risky move.

Asking for money can be intimidating and scary. Start first by asking your family and close friends. Tell them your story and explain to them why you are so passionate about being a missionary.

Once you get more comfortable asking for funds, expand to social media. Many people have great success utilizing Facebook and Twitter to reach their fundraising goals. Fundraiser apps like GoFundMe and Kickstarter are great options. Sign up and post your fundraising page to all of your social outlets.


You are going to a far away country to spread God’s love to people who have either never heard His name, or have and are fairly resistant. On top of that, you are doing so outside of your native tongue.

Let’s face it, you are going to need His help. Pray. Take time to pray for a patient and accepting heart. Pray for the safety of those residing in the country you are visiting. Pray for open minds. Pray for health. Pray for your team. Pray for strength.

Inviting God into your journey will surely help guide you along your way.

Physically Prepare

Before you travel to another country, realize that your diet and sleeping patterns will experience a drastic change. Preparing for that ahead of time will provide you with better health on your journey, and in turn, make your trip more successful.

First, start by eliminating any poor eating habits you may have. Stop eating fast food and junk food. Consider preparing your stomach for new types of food your will be eating by making an authentic meal a few times a week.

Second, consider trying to switch your sleeping patterns gradually. This will put less shock on the body, and give you more energy once you are on the mission field.

Finally, try working out a little bit. Mission trips require long days on your feet in sometimes very tough climates. By exercising, your body can be ready to withstand such long days.

It is important to understand that becoming a missionary can be very difficult. Many people struggle with such a huge transition.  We have some extra advice on how to best transition into a mission trip.