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Christian Mission Trips

Our Trip to India and Cambodia

March 7, 2019

God is alive and working in Southeast Asia. Our Doulos team recently traveled to India and Cambodia to advance our mission by supporting Christians around the world, and we were blessed to witness new believers coming to Christ and new churches being planted. Incredible work has been set into motion, but it’s not done yet. […]

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Christian Persecution Reaching New Heights in Asia

February 7, 2019

Asia has been called “the new hotbed of persecution for Christians” by the recently released Open Doors World Watch List. According to the list, Asia has seen an increase in persecution for the past five years, but 2018 brought a spike in anti-Christian activity caused by a rise in India’s Hindu ultra-nationalism, Indonesia’s radical Islam, […]

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What Do We Do on Mission Trips?

April 19, 2018

We go on a number of mission trips every year, visiting a wide variety of countries all over the world. But what is the purpose of these trips? What exactly are we doing while overseas? Our purposes are as varied as the locations themselves, but whenever we journey to another country, our goal is to […]

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Ministering to Refugees: A Unique Opportunity

March 8, 2018

For those who know what we do here at Doulos, the idea of working in refugee camps may seem odd. After all, we tend to support pastors who are from the country they’re ministering in, which means they’re not likely to go anywhere. But refugees aren’t like that–they may leave at any given moment, either […]

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Doulos Partners Wants to Share Our Thanks

November 20, 2017

With it being November, and Thanksgiving on the way, we have been thinking a lot about giving thanks. In our last blog, we talked about why it is so important for Christians to give thanks to God. The Bible repeatedly asks us to share our thanks. In doing so, we help ourselves grow closer to […]

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Should I Take My Family on a Summer Mission Trip?

May 22, 2017

We believe that every facet of our lives as believers should reflect the calling of the Great Commission, and that extends to demonstrating a missional life to our children. Whether you’re going across the ocean or across the fence, spending some time intentionally ministering to others with your family can make a huge difference in […]

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