Christ’s Resurrection: A Call to Action for All Believers

preparing for easter

As Easter approaches, we may feel a tension in our hearts – the feeling of being pulled in more than one direction. On one hand, we are supposed to be observing what is arguably the most important event in Christian history: the resurrection of Christ. On the other hand, we’re bombarded with Easter baskets, stuffed animals, candy, and innumerable other distractions.

How can we orient ourselves so that our focus is where it should be? It’s simple in theory, but more difficult in practice: we must realize that the resurrection was a call to action, and we must respond.

Our Responsibility

Do we believe that God is 100% sovereign over everything that happens here on Earth? Yes. Do we also believe that he has tasked us with spreading the gospel to every nation? Yes – we see that very clearly in the Great Commission.

Jesus’s resurrection from the dead wasn’t just an amazing example of his power and love (although it was those things, certainly). There was a lot more to it – a calling on our lives to go and tell other people what Jesus had done for us.

The resurrection was the beginning of the promise of eternal life, and it was also the beginning of our commitment to bringing the message of God’s love to all who have ears to hear.

What Does That Mean for Us This Easter?

This year, may Easter be a reminder to all of us that God has given us a job to do during our time on Earth. Yes, it’s fine to dress up for church and have a special meal with our loved ones, but perhaps we could look a bit deeper.

Instead of the day passing in a blur of candy-filled baskets and an overcrowded sanctuary, take a moment to slow down and listen to God’s voice. How is He affirming you? How is He spurring you on to do the work He has set before you? How can you take the message of hope Christ’s resurrection gives you and pass it along to someone else?

Here at Doulos, we partner with existing church planting ministries to help the Gospel reach every corner of the world. If you’d like to help us fulfill our role in the Great Commission, consider donating today or contact us for more information.

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