Learn About Our Cuban Mission Trips

Cuba Mission Trip

If you did not already know, Doulos Partners will be traveling into the Communist, dictator-controlled country of Cuba this November 7th-14th. There, we will get to see firsthand how the Lord is using Cuban believers to spread the Gospel at an incredible pace. We can’t wait to once again travel this beautiful country. It’s always an honor to be able to take in all the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the Cuban culture.

In addition to enjoying our surroundings, we will get to preach, teach, testify, worship with, pray over, have fellowship with, and baptize new believers. It’s always an incredible and humbling experience.

(Because evangelism is not openly allowed, it’s important we take a minute to remember the importance of bearing fruit.)

A Little Bit About Cuba

For many years now, it has been very hard for Americans to travel to Cuba unless it was for a specific and strict variety of reasons. Because of this, many American citizens were completely unaware that traveling to Cuba as a nonprofit humanitarian group was very legal and widely accepted by their government. These types of groups include mission trips.

While mission work has been allowed in Cuba, evangelism is not. The only way to nourish the citizens of Cuba with the love of God is to meet with the community themselves, find the churches, and continue to further educate, encourage and spread their work. For example, we plant churches in the communities themselves and then work side-by-side with Cuban church planters and pastors to spread the Word.

Safety In Cuba

Let’s not get the wrong idea about Cuba! Open evangelism is prohibited, and that is strictly enforced, but being aware of that, it is not impossible to share the love of Christ with the Cuban people and still be in good graces with the leadership of the country.  

It is Doulos Partner’s personal experience that traveling to Cuba in pursuit of sharing God’s love has only been positive. Cuban people are courteous, receptive, and eager for the Word.

Because crime is not tolerated, just as in our country, Cuba is one of the safest countries we visit.

Never have we faced persecution. Never have we been mistreated. Never have we been afraid.

Cuba has been to us, a warm welcoming country, rich in culture and passion, and our hearts thrive with joy each and every time we connect with new believers, and help to show Christ to non-believers.  

The Future of Cuba Mission Trips

So far, the announcement from the Obama administration on aiding relationships with Cuba has not accomplished great strides, but we hope to see Cuba become a more easily accessible country looking forward. There is so much it offers.

Cuba is incredibly diverse, culturally. French, Asian, and Spanish influences are reflected in many areas from art to literature, even architecture. The beautiful island hosts palms groves, mangrove swamps, and flame trees all around, lined with the Sierra Maestra mountain range. Its incredible views are accompanied by some of the best climates in the world, never getting unbearably cold.

At Doulos Partners, we encourage people to visit Cuba not just to spread the Gospel, but also to enjoy a rich, vibrant culture and a friendly people. Please continue to follow our blog, as we are excited to share how our experiences in Cuba go! Would you like to support us on our trip? Donate today!