Dealing with Mission Transition: Advice for Missionaries

international mission trips

The Lord has called His church to go forth on missions to those in need – but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to do.

Transitioning from this life we live here in the States to a life lived overseas, whether it’s temporary or permanent, can be extraordinarily challenging. Not only do we have to remove ourselves from a life of comfort, surrounded by people and things and places we know and love and find familiar; we have to thrust ourselves into a foreign world – foreign in every sense of the word – and immerse ourselves in the strange and unfamiliar.

It takes a toll for anyone, no matter how well prepared. So how can you and your family prepare for living in such a different environment and culture?

One great piece of advice is to commit to thoroughly immersing yourself in the culture. All of God’s children have been blessed with experiences that can add something special to your own – if you make the effort of truly becoming part of the community that you are ministering to. You’ll gradually feel more comfortable and at ease, and will begin to adjust yourself and your family to that which is around you.

In addition to making yourself more comfortable, you’ll be more effective at witnessing to people because you’ll better understand them, how they live, and where they came from.

You should also always remind yourself of why you are doing what you’re doing and who you serve. You are doing something amazing and selfless to serve the Lord. Knowing that and keeping that in your heart will carry you through no small amount of trials and tribulations. People who benefit from missionaries are in need of your love, your care, your attention, and your message. Know that by serving them, you are serving the Lord Himself.

Remember Matthew 25:40 – “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”

Being a missionary is a trying experience, even for veterans of the field. It is an invaluable calling – perhaps one of the most important things we can do during our time on this planet – and while it may be difficult to transition, it is possible.

Keep the faith during trying times while you transition during your mission trip, and be excited – you are doing something truly special!

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