December 2019 Prayer Gram

Signs of the Messiah During Christmas

Please pray for the many Christmas evangelistic events taking place throughout the “10-40 Window.”  Believers and unbelievers report that many who know very little about the gospel are drawn to the story of Christmas, as religious traditions in those regions tend not to emphasize joyful messages of God’s love for everyone.  Pray that the remembrances of the coming of Christ will continue to draw everyone from shepherds to magi. Matthew 4: 16.

February Prayer Project  

We are planning a daily prayer project for February 2020.  Please call and e-mail us with any of your own requests that you would like to be included among the prayers to be offered during that month.  Revelation 5: 8.

Redemption Events in the Middle East

Thank you again for your prayers on behalf of our team ministering to refugees in the Middle East.  During the recent mission trip there, our team saw and experienced many powerful examples of the grace of the Lord reaching the lost who are confronting dire circumstances.   In one Iraqi town where the prior dictatorship unleashed chemical weapons on its own people, two new churches are proclaiming the good news of Christ. Our team also met a man who is now very grateful for the fact that he and his family had to flee Syria due to the violence there.  He says that he never would have heard the gospel otherwise. Now he and his family are following the Lord and sharing the good news with others. Romans 8: 28.

More Martyrs in Cameroon

The evangelism in very isolated areas of southeastern Cameroon continues to go well, although our brother Leo reports that reaching one particular people group is proving even more difficult than prior efforts in the region.  Also, in northern Cameroon, one of our partners there has reported very somber news that reminds us of the extent of the enemy’s opposition to taking the gospel to unreached people groups. In August, Boko Haram terrorists attacked and killed two Aghem Bible translators, Angus Fung and Benjamin Tem, and six other men.  They also attacked with machetes Angus’ wife, Eveline, leaving her for dead after gravely wounding her and cutting off her hand. Please pray for Eveline’s recovery, for Leo and his team, and for the families and the ongoing work of those who gave their lives for the sake of the Lord and his gospel. John 15: 13-15. 

Remarkable Salvations in Malawi

Our brother Kenny Fong reports that during his recent visit to Malawi, his team accepted an Imam’s invitation to visit a mosque.  There they shared the gospel with the Imam, and he became a Christ-follower! The team also shared the gospel with a group of Yao Muslims who believed upon hearing.  Ten decided to make public professions by being baptized immediately. Teams of two local believers later went prayer walking, seeking to find people of peace. As a result, 21 more people proclaimed the Lord as their savior.  Another team shared the gospel with ten women, all of whom made public professions through baptism. See nearby a few of the photos from the bountiful work there in Malawi. Matthew 9: 36-38.

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