December 2020 Prayer Gram

Sharing Christmas Joy With Those Living in Darkness

We have heard many times how the story of Christmas attracts adherents of other religions with very little joyful news to share. Please pray for the upcoming Christmas worship services, messages, and events all over the world, that the Lord will continue causing “a light to dawn on those living in lands of deep darkness” and that “those walking in darkness” will see “a great light.” Isaiah 9:2.

Persecuted Pregnant Woman in South Asia

Please pray for our sister Esther in a security-sensitive area of South Asia. Esther has been hospitalized due to complications during her pregnancy. In addition, her husband has abandoned her after a local Buddhist monk told him that many bad things will happen because Esther follows Jesus. Her in-laws have also threatened her as well as her baby. Pray for a healthy delivery and for the safety of mother and child. Pray also for Esther’s husband, his family, and the local monk. Esther 4:14.

Answered Prayers in Nepal

Thank you for praying for the 33 Nepalese leaders who recently contracted Covid-19. All have recovered. Pray that their testimonies and impact will be even stronger after this great blessing. Philippians 2:25-30.

Helping Those Living in Areas Devastated by Hurricanes

Pray for our Cuban brothers Gabriel and Jorge and their teams of disciple-makers. Living and traveling conditions in Cuba, and elsewhere in the Caribbean and much of Central America, have become much more challenging in the wake of multiple powerful hurricanes. Pray for all the believers and churches in these regions to share the love, mercy, and help of Christ to all who are suffering or lost. Matthew 9:35-38.

New Brothers and Sisters in Sierra Leone

Rejoice along with the angels in heaven over the five new believers who became Christ followers at a recent “Disciple Making Movement” training session in Sierra Leone. Below is a picture of one of them being baptized. Pray for our brother Joe to lead and train wisely this band of disciple-makers and new believers in western Africa. Luke 15:1-10.

Prayer Requests from the “Deaf Reaching Deaf for Christ”

A ministry partner, DOOR International, has asked for prayer for their Bible translation consultants who are reviewing Bible passages in sign languages previously without scripture. They also have asked for prayer that the Lord will provide help in locations where new laws have made Christian ministry more difficult. Thank the Lord for Deaf Harbor, a DOOR ministry partner, which recently completed a 110-passage “Chronological Bible Translation” (CBT) in American Sign Language (ASL).  Pray also for Deaf Harbor’s ASL praise and worship music and videos to be shared more and more and to bring glory to the Lord. You can see and share many examples of their worship music and videos at the link below. Psalm 100.  

Prayer Requests from New Generations

Another ministry partner, New Generations, follows the example of the Apostle Paul in meeting “people of peace” in new communities and sharing the Gospel with them. Below is a link to a video explaining this successful strategy. Pray for these workers and for wisdom in going to the right “spaces” to meet people eager to hear about Jesus and willing to become His disciples. Acts 16:12-15 and Acts 18:1-4. 

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