Devotion – Changing Lives Through Devotion to God

Most of us are devoted to our jobs, our children, our parents, our loved ones. Some are devoted to hobbies or pastimes that bring us joy when life becomes overwhelming.

The word devotion means “ardent attachment or loyalty,” and this is exactly the word that ought to describe every Christian’s relationship to God through Jesus Christ.

spreading the Gospel A person’s life should change when he or she obeys the gospel. Life should become more God-centered and less world and self-centered. How do you make your life more God-centered? You love! 

Mark 12 makes it very clear – we are called to love God and love others. Being devoted to God means doing those two things!

Devotion to God implies passionate affection for Him—a yielding of the heart to Him with faith, reverence, and piety in every act, particularly in prayer and meditation.

We catch a glimpse of the true meaning of devotion from what is said of the centurion in Acts 10:2 – he was called “a devout man” because he feared God, gave alms to the people, and prayed to God always. This is the essence of true devotion. He loved God, without which there can be no devotion. The more we love an object, the more devoted to it we are. Devotion, therefore, is love manifested.

God loves to have you devoted to Him, and He wishes to have you more devoted. It is astounding; nevertheless God has great desire to be prayed to and great love for communion with our hearts.

He says in Proverbs 23:26, “My son, give me thine heart.”

What does he want with our hearts?

devotion to GodHe wants to put His love in your heart. Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they would not come to Him, but why does He so intensely desire for the prayers and devotions of our hearts? Because it is another young life struggling to conform to the image in which it was created. It is another soul which has been won for God.

The men and women who work with Doulos Partners seek this devotion, and encourage others to strive for that same closeness to God. May they always be able to reach those who need Him most and help them experience true, lasting devotion to God.

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