Doulos Partners is Excited for Cuba

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Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature. – Matthew 16:15

From the beginning of creation, God’s intention was to share His love with every living soul. He commands us to go out spread His word.

At Doulos Partners, it is our goal to do just that. We believe it is important to reach as many souls as possible with His love, before it is too late. That’s why we believe in church planting. As it is written in our mission:

Doulos Partners exists to reach the maximum number of people in the shortest amount of time in the most cost-effective way. We are committed to working with native believers and established organizations to plant churches and convert nonbelievers into faithful followers of Christ.

The time is quickly approaching that we venture, once again, into the beautiful country of Cuba and we couldn’t be more excited.

(Learn more on how the Scripture calls us to do mission work.)

What Is Cuba Like?

For a very long time, it was difficult for Americans to visit Cuba, and the journey there is still a sensitive thing. Because of this, many Americans think of Cuba as being vastly different from other destinations.

When you arrive in Cuba, you do feel like you are in a different world from that of America, but many other countries are similar in appearance. Cuba, like much of Greece and Italy, still has much of its history in its bones. This can be seen in the surrounding architecture, and art, and heard in the music and sounds. All of this is surrounded by the most beautiful tropical scenery. It’s quite easy to find yourself thankful to have ever seen such beauty.

How Do The Cuban People Treat Americans?

The Cuban people are extraordinarily welcoming and kind. Because they have very little, they find creative ways to entertain themselves. Most entertainment is sought out through music, dance, sports, and dining. They also especially enjoy conversation, but strictly avoid political talk.

American’s will not find themselves feeling lost in Cuba. Cubans will do as much as they can to help you, regardless of language barriers. With even just a little bit of knowledge of the Spanish language, Americans and Cubans can navigate conversations. They are happy to engage and go out of their way to help you feel comfortable, safe, and at home.

Religion in Cuba: How Church Planting Works

Cuba is officially a secular nation. This means that their government has decided to not ally itself with any one religion. Therefore, unlike some countries, there is no nationally-claimed religion.

This does not mean, however, that religion is illegal. Statistically, around 60% of the Cuban population consider themselves Catholic. What is illegal is the construction of physical churches, and public worship meetings. All worshipping is legal within the confines of a home.

Church planting works so well in Cuba because it does not have to be done publicly or in a church. As we share His word with nonbelievers and they convert, they ‘become’ a church themselves. From that point on, Doulos Partners educates them on God’s teachings and encourages them to continue sharing Christ to others.

While you cannot find anyone on Cuba’s streets publicly declaring God’s name, inside the homes are thousands of people eager to take God’s word to new boundaries.

Please pray that Doulos Partners has a safe and successful trip to Cuba, and that hundreds of new Cuban souls will be saved. Learn more about our work in the field.