Doulos Partners Ranks in ROI Ministry’s Top 10

We are ecstatic to announce that ROI Ministry has identified Doulos Partners as one of the Top 10 Ministries in the world for the second year!

Each year, ROI Ministry seeks to identify ministries that are experiencing phenomenal reaping seasons of abundant, lasting fruit. These are the ministries where God is doing great things and, in marketplace terms, a phenomenal (and eternal) return on investment (ROI) is being achieved.

Simply put, the spirit of the Lord has been at work – and we are grateful for His help as well as yours.

ROI Ministry and Doulos Partners 

roi ministrySoon, ROI Ministry will update their website to reflect Doulos’ ministry’s ranking this year as a Top 10 ministry in the world, based on measurable kingdom impact.

Why is this so important? ROI Ministry receives tens of thousands of website visitors each year with the goal of directing wise kingdom investors to the great work which God has called us to do. So, more recognition means the Lord’s work can continue and prosper, with even more blessings than the ones we have already been given.

Thank You for Your Support

This is a wonderful and humbling endorsement we have been given, and we are grateful to be in such esteemed company. We are very excited to be working with ROI Ministry this year and, with the Lord guiding us, we will be able to do so much more to support our missions and bring our brothers and sisters to Christ.

Thank you all! Without your generous and constant support – and always, the help from the Spirit – we surely have not made the list. We are truly blessed to know you and serve Jesus together.

We Need Your Help

Let us keep this momentum rolling! Help us to continue to reach others by church planting and bring others to Christ. Please consider donating to Doulos Partners today – every dollar helps change the lives of others.