Doulos Partners Wants to Share Our Thanks

With it being November, and Thanksgiving on the way, we have been thinking a lot about giving thanks. In our last blog, we talked about why it is so important for Christians to give thanks to God. The Bible repeatedly asks us to share our thanks. In doing so, we help ourselves grow closer to the Lord, and we open the door for others to see His grace.

That being said, as a Christian non-profit, it would be wrong of us to not share everything for which we are thankful for this year, and nothing would give us more pleasure than to acknowledge those blessings.

Thankful For His Calling

It’s no secret that finding a career path in this day and age is a difficult endeavor. Many people go their entire lives without finding their “purpose.”

At Doulos Partners, we are fortunate enough to have been given this gift of purpose. In October of 2007, God woke up Executive Director, David Johnson, with four words: Give, Go, Ask, and Expect. From that moment on, Doulos had a mission to fulfill, and we are so humbled that God chose us to be His shepherds.

Thankful For His Lessons

Since 2007, Doulos Partners has been on over 50 mission trips and worked in 32 countries around the world. Each experience has taught us something new.

On any given mission trip, God will intervene and test you. We have faced circumstances that tested everything from patience and acceptance, and even our faith.

Some lessons are extraordinarily powerful and humbling, like the trip that taught us about how our judgements could be holding us back. God reminded us that age is no number in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Each and every lesson He has taught us has helped us better understand His word, and allowed us to become better leaders in the Christian community. For that, we are forever grateful.

Thankful For Your Prayers

Of course, through all of the ups and downs, we have to turn our thanks towards you. Without your words of support and your prayers, we know we would not have made it this far.

In the times that we have been miles away from America, homesick, and lonely, we have felt your prayers wrap over us like a warm hug.

In moments where we have faced danger, we have felt your prayers push us forward with a shield.

In those minutes that we see a non-believer finally hear us, and we witness them accept Christ into their hearts, we felt your prayers picking out the right words for us to speak.

Simply put, it is your prayers that have helped us further His Kingdom. Thank you.

Thankful For Your Donations

Finally, we want to thank you for your donations. As a Christian non-profit, we rely on your donations to be able to continue our job.

It is because of your financial support that we have been so blessed to go to different corners of the world and share His love.

(Learn more about donating to Doulos Partners.)

Doulos Partners truly believes that we are not the ones responsible for the thousands of souls who have been saved, but that you and God are! So, thank you, for everything.

We pray that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!