Doulos Prayer Gram – July 2016

prayer gram

Persecuted Christian brothers and sisters:

A new believer, Seema Kishkoo, has come under intense persecution in West Bengal, India, for her faith in Christ. In early July, other villagers beat her and disfigured her by throwing acid in her face as part of their attempts to punish her and to make her return to Hinduism. Please pray for our sister and her entire village.


Our brother Musa just returned from a trip there. He reports that 105 former Muslims became followers of Christ. Let’s thank the Lord for these new believers and pray for their growth and discipleship.


The country has become more stable as it continues to recover from dictatorship, regional wars, and violence. One of our partners in Nigeria has invited a Ugandan Christian leader, Mario Ndongo, to participate in discipleship training in late July. Pray for the participants’ safe travels and for fruitful results of the training.


Titus Sibanda, one of our partner pastors, recently died in a wreck as he returned from visiting the five churches he had planted in Tongaland. He was traveling the country’s rough roads in the bed of an old pickup truck. A massive crowd attended the funeral to honor Pastor Sibanda and to comfort his wife and ten children. At the service, 315 people made public professions of faith in Christ. Let us thank the Lord for the life of this faithful servant and ask for comfort and peace for his family and spiritual blessings on the flocks he shepherded.

Praise Reports:

Let’s thank the Lord for the many people in the U.S. who have invested with us in partnering with other believers in 28 countries. The Lord has blessed this work and our church planting partners. Our most recent reports indicate that in May, 63,979 people made professions of faith in Christ, and church planters started 183 new churches. Let us rejoice over the fruits of repentance by these new believers and obedience by all those involved in this work. Let us continue to pray for the growth and maturity of all of the new believers and churches and also the continued faithfulness and perseverance of the church planters and all our partners.

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