February 2017 Prayer Gram


Upcoming Trip to India

Ask for guidance and blessings on preparations for the planned April 3—11 trip to Punjab in northern India, bordering Pakistan. The team will be sharing the gospel, leading worship, training leaders, encouraging believers, and learning how local church planters are faring since our last visit in 2014. Please note that our registration deadline for this trip is February 27, so please prayerfully consider joining us on this trip and contact us immediately if you decide to go.

Please pray in particular for our brother Naresh, who walks through his community in Punjab each Monday sharing the gospel, mostly with Sikhs. Naresh reports that he shares with those whom he senses the Spirit is stirring. Please pray for him and each person who hears the gospel.

Please also pray for the recent launch of a Christian elementary school in a very poor area of Punjab by our brother Ram Narayan and his team. Pray that the Lord will bless the teachers, students, and their families, and that the school will be a bright light in that area. (Ephesians 6:4)

Printing Bibles in Central Asia

One of our partners now relies on one local printing source for Bibles for this entire region. The plan is to transport and install eight “Print on Demand Systems” (PODS) in Central Asia this year to help ensure a wider and more dependable production and distribution of Bibles. Pray for the success of these plans and operations and the quick learning of the systems by the local operators.   (Romans 10:17)


This request is very personal for our Doulos leaders. Our dear brother Klem Chan recently passed away from AIDS. Our team has fond memories of Klem, who abandoned his prior life of drugs, crime, and promiscuity to follow Christ. Klem worked closely with Brother Tharoath, the national director for Cambodia, and hosted a church in his home. He helped support his family by making wood carvings of crosses among other Christian themes. We also have been informed that Klem’s widow and two young children have been diagnosed with HIV. Please pray for them and their extended family, caregivers, and the other believers ministering to them, as well as the entire church that has been meeting in their home.


Please pray for our Sister Wu, who has been imprisoned. Not much information is available, but our understanding is that a lawyer has been retained and permitted to see her. Pray for our sister and this situation and her family.


Please pray for our brother Mir Wali as he tells others about Christ in an area where most residents are Muslims. (Psalm 96:3)


Thank the Lord for the bountiful spiritual harvest in Mauritius. Our brother Kenny is leading a growing network of believers sharing the gospel and making disciples. (Matthew 13:31-32)

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