February 2019 Prayer Gram


Update from Central Africa

In December, our team reported the first confirmed decisions to follow Christ among the Cameroonian Bomwali people.  Despite severe logistical challenges, two leaders are returning to the Bomwali villages to live among the new believers and to disciple them for a few months or until the next rainy season.  Pray for these leaders and the new believers and for all those hearing the gospel for the first time in the nearby villages.

In addition, other team members are preparing to take the gospel to two other Cameroonian “unreached and unengaged” people groups, the Hijuk and the Ndemli.  Pray for these “nations” and the mission team’s safety and wisdom and for the clear presentation of the gospel.  Ephesians 6: 18—20.

New Believer and also Persecution in India

Please pray for our new brother Abdul, who recently began following Christ after hearing the gospel from our brothers Abu and Kamal.  Abdul already has begun hosting group meetings in his home to share the gospel with other people from Muslim backgrounds.

Our brother Raja and his team report increased persecution in India.  Pray for them and their persecutors and that the Lord would continue to spread his love and peace in the face of this growing hostility.  John 15:18—21.

New Believer and also Persecution in Nepal

Please pray for our new sister, Sheila, who recently became a Christ-follower and was baptized, despite significant persecution from her family.  The family is now persecuting not only Sheila, but also the local leader who led her to Christ.  Pray for the Christians in this community and for Sheila’s entire family.  Matthew 5: 10—12, 44

Upcoming Mission Trip to India and Cambodia

Our team of five is scheduled to leave on February 27 for India and Cambodia.  Pray for safe travels for our team and for the local church planters coming to learn more and to report on their ministry efforts.  Pray that all will be encouraged and guided in continuing and expanding the work already underway.  Pray that our team will be able to strengthen and help those who are suffering and sacrificing on behalf of the Lord and the gospel.

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