February 2020 Prayer Gram

Brother Julius Sharing with Refugees in Kenya

Our brother Julius has asked for prayer as he helps and shares with refugees at a Kenyan refugee camp.  Pray that the new believers among them, wherever they go, will share the gospel and the comfort of the Lord Jesus they have now received.  2 Corinthians 1: 3—7.

Persecution in Mauritius

Kenny Fong reports the following:

“One of the disciples here shared Jesus with Ryan, and he became very curious and open to follow Jesus.  He went to share with his parents, but they were unhappy with his decision to follow Jesus.  

“Today Ryan came to the training without his parents knowing about it (He is only 17.) and when he got home he was beaten up by his father.

Pray that Jesus would reveal Himself to Ryan in the midst of persecution.  I will try to visit his parents this week.”

Please pray for Ryan and his parents and for Kenny to continue sharing the gospel with wisdom, courage and grace.  Matthew 10: 36—39.

Brother Habil Training Disciples in Chad

Our brother Habil recently conducted a discipleship training course in Chad, where some radical Islamists oppose people turning to Christ.  Please pray for the strength and courage of the new disciples there. Pray also that they will prove to be fruitful soil, despite the fierce opposition that many likely will encounter.  Mark 4: 16—17, 20.

Prison Baptisms in DR Congo

Nearby are photos of some of the recent baptisms inside a prison in the DR Congo.  Our brother Michel reports that many prisoners think they cannot have peace with God while they are in jail.  Praise the Lord that the new believers there are learning otherwise. Luke 15: 1—7.

Here is what Michel reported:

“I pray for God to energize more inmate disciples so that they can grow more in obedience and come up even to be able to disciple others within the prison.  Also to be able to baptize those who believe among them. Human made religion is so widespread that lies have taken peoples’ minds as captives. So many people think that it is impossible to be in peace with God as long as they are in jail.  And the enemy works hard for those ones to keep thinking so. Praise the Lord for these souls who are coming to the light of the Gospel and thank you for your prayer support. Please keep being united in this.”   

Upcoming Prayer Project  

Please share with us any prayer requests that you would like to be included in a new, daily prayer project.  We plan to share more details soon about this new project. 1 Thessalonians 5: 16—19.

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