Fundraising for a Christian Mission Trip

Christian mission trip

One of the ways that we ask people to join in God’s work through Doulos Partners is to prayerfully consider joining us on the field to see His hand at work. We often hear from people who are concerned that they cannot afford the cost of a trip. However, we never want the cost of a trip to hinder the opportunity to go with us!

Over the years, we have seen people raise money in a variety of different ways to help them make this opportunity a reality. Below are a few ideas on how you can raise money to join us on a trip this year!

#1: Pray

The often-overlooked first step to… well, anything, is to pray about it. God makes it clear in Scripture that he wants us to bring our petitions to His feet, and that includes the need for money in order to obey His command in the Great Commission.

Before you do anything else, pray about the fundraising process. Pray about it privately, with your church leaders, and with your travel group. Ask for wisdom and guidance. Then, and only then, should you proceed with action steps.

#2: Write Letters

Choose a few dozen friends and family that you think would be receptive to an appeal for financial help. Send them a short but informative letter outlining the purpose of the trip, why you feel led to be a part of it, and how much money you need in order to go. Also, state a clear deadline for gifts, and give instructions for how checks should be written. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make it even easier for donations to come in.

Each time you receive a contribution, follow up with that person via phone or email. Express your gratitude and remind them how their gift will glorify God and further the kingdom. Make sure to acknowledge that any contribution means a sacrifice on their part, and that they are doing their part in fulfilling the Great Commission by sending you into the world.

#3: Have a Yard Sale

Set up a time and place for a group-wide yard sale to raise funds for your trip. Then, request item donations from friends, family, and church members (again, make sure the deadline for donations is clear!). Advertise that the funds will go to support your Christian mission trip. Anything that is left after the sale can be given to charity.

This concept can also be applied to things like bake sales, car washes, and other fundraising events. Just make sure to clearly communicate how the proceeds will be used, and advertise any deadlines so that gifts don’t come in late!

#4: Crowdfunding

Possibly one of the best (and easiest) ways to raise support is by using sites like,, and others. These websites host your page, take in your donations, and take a percentage of whatever you collect. All you have to do is share the link on social media or email, and let your supporters donate online.

Interested in a Christian Mission Trip This Year?

If you are currently partnering with Doulos or a member of one of our partner churches, we want you to join us on the field. Take a look at where we will be going this year to see our church planters at work. Then, prayerfully consider whether one of these destinations is right for you. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have and we will talk through all of the details. 
If your schedule won’t allow you to travel with us, but you are still interested in joining the work of Doulos, contact Josh Clarke at