Global Refugee Outreach: The Latest Update

Global Refugee Outreach

The Lord is already working in mighty ways through our Global Refugee Outreach initiative, and we are eager to share our results at this point in the campaign! Keep reading for a reminder of what this campaign is all about and how much money we have received so far to fund our first year.

The Goal

We feel called to invest resources in reaching refugee camps in Germany, Greece, Kenya, Turkey, and Jordan – five countries with a large population of refugees. Many refugees are coming from countries that are hostile to Christianity and being placed in countries that are more open and provide access for gospel conversations. We want to equip and empower indigenous leaders to be actively engaged in evangelism, discipleship and church planting where they are currently located.  Our hope is that they will then be ready if and when they return home to reach their friends, family, and community.

The Cost

For the first year of our initiative, the cost is $180,000 (split among the five countries). We believe that this money will allow us to facilitate the evangelism and training of new ministers who will reach parts of the world we couldn’t otherwise access.

The Latest Numbers

We are humbled by the way God has moved in the hearts of so many generous donors already, and we are excited to report that we have raised $71,667 toward our first year’s cost of $180,000!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far – your generosity is deeply appreciated, and we are so grateful that you have heard the call of the Holy Spirit on your heart and you have responded in obedience.

Our goal for the month of August is $50,000 total ($25,000 in donations matched by our generous anonymous donor). We have already raised $21,047 toward that monthly goal, matched for a total of $42,094!  Will you help us reach the finish line so every dollar will be matched? Donate today!