Global Refugee Outreach: A Partnership with Doulos Partners and Biglife

global refugee outreach

The world is currently experiencing the worst refugee crisis since World War II. In fact, the last United Nations report states that 1 in every 113 people worldwide is a refugee. That’s a mind-blowing number of people who have been displaced from their homes and been forced to put down temporary roots in a safer place.

Even with this sobering statistic, there is hope. As we know, God brings beauty from ashes – and we believe that the refugee crisis offers a unique opportunity to share the gospel with people who otherwise never would have heard it. The Lord has laid a calling on our hearts, as well as on the hearts of our partner organization, Biglife, to reach people in these refugee camps with the gospel and train them to share Christ with others.

Keep reading to learn more about Global Refugee Outreach, our partnership with Biglife, and how you can help us reach refugees with the hope of Christ.

Global Refugee Outreach: Five Key Countries

Over the course of the next year, Global Refugee Outreach will focus on empowering indigenous leaders within the five countries that harbor a large number of refugees around the world. It is our hope that these leaders will share the gospel in the refugee camps, disciple new believers, and – ultimately – raise up a group of godly men and women who will one day return to their home countries and minister to the people there.

As we launch this initiative over the next 12 months, our Global Refugee Outreach will provide the following funds to begin reaching over 6 million refugees in the following countries:

  •      Jordan – $75,000
  •      Germany – $45,000
  •      Greece – $30,000
  •      Turkey – $30,000
  •      Kenya – $30,000

Total cost for Year One: $180,000.

Because most refugees come from a place where Christianity isn’t welcome, the opportunity here is huge. If we can train pastors and other church leaders while they are sheltering in a country that is hospitable toward Christianity – or at least, less hostile – then, when the refugees return to a country that isn’t hospitable toward Christianity, they will be equipped to do Kingdom work from the inside.

It’s an exciting prospect, to say the least – but we need your help to do it.

Help Us Reach and Disciple Refugees with GRO!

The first year of Global Refugee Outreach will require $180,000. In order to reach this goal, we need your help!

We are thrilled to say that an anonymous donor has pledged a matching gift in the amount of $25,000 – so every dollar you give becomes two.  

Please prayerfully consider joining up with us as we reach people who have been put into a very difficult situation that provides a unique opportunity to sow the seeds of the gospel. Donate today to help us reach our August goal of $50,000, and see what the Lord will do!