How International Missions Can Have the Greatest Impact

birmingham nonprofitThe Bible is very clear in Matthew 28:19 that we are to make disciples of all the nations. International mission trips are a great way to participate in following this command.

With short-term mission trips on the rise, it’s easier than ever to get involved. However, we need to be mindful of what we are actually doing on these trips.

Not all mission trips are created equal. How can we have the greatest impact on an area that we are visiting for only a short amount of time?

Church Planting Is the Key

While there is certainly nothing wrong with going on a short-term mission trip where you spend your time evangelizing the community, the reach of this kind of trip is generally over once the trip has ended.

Many times we leave our new baby Christian friends without a reliable source of discipleship. How can we leave an impact that will continue even after our trip is over? Church planting is the answer!

When we plant a church, we are leaving a way for new Christians to be discipled, as well as a way for the lost to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Instead of a one-time encounter with the Lord, they will have a place where they can continue to come and be filled. They will have the support they need to walk victoriously in their new life.

Training Native Pastors to Reach Their Communities

No one coming into a country from the outside can understand the native people of that country as well as one of their own. That is why it is so important to train native pastors who can then reach those around them!

These individuals know the culture and the language. They know the reasons why people are hesitant to accept the Gospel. With proper training, they are the best equipped to reach their geographical area and continue to help disciple these new believers along the way.

What Will You Do?

Many people go on short-term mission trips and come back changed. It’s hard to see God moving so powerfully and remain the same – this is one of the most amazing thing about getting outside of our comfort zones and sharing God’s love with others!

After these trips, some are led to devote their lives fully to the mission field! We thank God for these incredible life changes and commitments to continue to share the love of God with others across the globe.

Can’t Go On A Trip? You Can Still Help!

There are circumstances that prevent people from participating in mission trips. If you are unable to go, you can still give and pray!

Mission trips, especially international ones, can be very expensive. You can be a blessing by giving to support missions and enabling other to go, even if you are unable to go yourself.

You can also pray. Prayer is the weapon of our spiritual warfare. Covering missionaries and those they are ministering to in prayer can open up spiritual opportunities that might not otherwise have existed! Pray for safety, for hearts to softened to the Gospel, and for lives to be changed.

Take a minute to learn more about the upcoming missions trips with Doulos Partners and if you can’t go, commit to give. You can donate online and help us changes lives across the World, bringing others to know our loving Savior.