How Should Christians Celebrate Easter?

christians celebrating easter

From baskets to bunnies, Easter is widely celebrated in the world of commercialism. And let’s face it, those Cadbury eggs are downright delicious! But as Christians who believe that the true meaning of Easter lies in Jesus’s resurrection, how should we celebrate this deeply important holiday?

We at Doulos understand this dilemma, and while it’s totally up to your family whether or not you load up on Peeps, we’ve got a few Jesus-centered ideas you might like!

Bake Resurrection Rolls

One tradition that reinforces Jesus’s death and resurrection involves, appropriately enough, Resurrection Rolls. These sweet treats are delicious, but they also come with a story any child can understand.

You start with a marshmallow, which represents Christ’s purity and sin-free nature. It is dipped in butter, then sugar and cinnamon to represent how the Lord’s body was wrapped in oil and spices for burial. The marshmallow is then wrapped in dough to represent how he was wrapped in linen and put in a tomb, sealed by a rock, for burial.

When the treats are finished, kids can open up the roll to see that the marshmallow has disappeared – just like how the Lord’s followers found an empty tomb on Easter Sunday. It’s a powerful way to explain the meaning behind the holiday while making it fun and – let’s face it – delicious!

Sing Easter Hymns

Just like Christmas, there are many hymns that go along with the themes of Easter. “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” is a great choice that may be familiar to your family already. Gather in your living room on Easter morning and sing together not just as family members, but as Christians celebrating Easter — the day of Jesus’s resurrection!

Make Resurrection Eggs

Most people go on egg hunts, but while these are fun, they’re not often tied to our faith very well. With Resurrection Eggs, you can change that and make hunting entertaining and relevant to the holiday.

This link explains the concept very well. Essentially, you take 12 plastic eggs, number them one through 12, and put Bible verses and small objects in each. The verses and the objects explain the Passion of Christ in a step-by-step way, which connects the egg hunt directly to the Resurrection. If you’re interested, check out the link from

Watch the Sunrise

Whether your church holds an official “sunrise service” or not, watching the sunrise on Easter morning (weather permitting, of course) can be an awe-inspiring start to this special day. It may be tough to get everyone out of bed, but even if it’s just you, the vivid colors of dawn can set your heart on a worshipful path.

Christians Celebrating Easter — A Joyful Occasion!

However your family chooses to celebrate Easter, remember that this is a day for joy and cheer! Try not to get bogged down in the should-we, shouldn’t-we mindset that plagues so many Christian families during holidays. A chocolate bunny, in and of itself, isn’t inappropriate unless you feel strongly convicted about avoiding all commercialism during Easter. And giving your children an Easter basket filled with treats can help them feel joyful and loved!

Above all, just make sure you teach the reasons and meaning behind the holiday and connect everything you do on this weekend to Christ.

Ultimately, however you observe it, Easter is about the new life we have in Jesus. It is a day of hope and promises. Go forth and celebrate!

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