January 2018 Prayer Gram


Personal Testimony from India

Our Biglife partners in India have shared with us an inspiring testimony from a woman named Manita, our new sister in Christ. Here is Manita’s story in her own words:

“I come from a Hindu background. My grandfather was a witchdoctor and practiced many rituals. One day I became seriously ill. Though I visited medical doctors, none was able to help. As my condition became even more critical, I started to try Hindu rituals and sought the help from witchdoctors. Yet my health continued to deteriorate. Due to my illness, I was no longer able to attend school. 

“Then one day when I was laying in bed, a Christian brother came to my house. I used to hate Christian people, so I never liked to hear about Jesus. But when this brother began to share and pray for me, something unusual happened. I suddenly had a desire to listen, and the Lord touched my heart that day.  Upon hearing the gospel, I surrendered my life to Jesus. 

“The pastor came back the next day to continue to pray for my healing. As he was praying, I could feel my body becoming healthy again. Praise the Lord that I am completely well.

“I want to say that I am very thankful that I found Jesus, who gives me peace and eternal life.”

Romans 10:14-15

Training Local Missionaries

An important part of the work of Doulos and its partners involves training indigenous followers of Christ to become disciple-makers, church planters and evangelists. This work is going forward in multiple countries throughout the year.

In January, we specifically ask for the Lord’s blessings on the trainers and the local disciples in South Sudan (for the Toposa people), Kenya (for the Turkana people), the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore. In South Sudan, additional training sessions had to be added, with recent graduates teaching the new trainees. Our partners report that five generations of disciples were started in just a few days.

One Example of the Global Refugee Outreach Initiative (GRO)

One of our teams met with eight traumatized families in Jordan. Most were not ready for the Gospel, but our team still ministered to their physical needs and gave them winter blankets. One family was eager to hear the good news, and both parents became followers of Christ. Please pray for these new believers, for all refugees, and for our teams sharing with them the love and comfort of Christ. Pray also for the upcoming Doulos GRO mission trip to work with team leaders and to minister to refugees in Jordan, Germany and Austria. 2 Corinthians 1: 3-7.

Seeds Planted During Christmas Outreach Events

During the Christmas season, our Christian brothers and sisters around the world had special opportunities to explain to many curious people the meaning of Christmas and the reason for the joy that we have. Pray that those messages everywhere will bear much fruit in good soil.

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