January 2020 Prayer Gram

Kingdom Continues Growing in South Sudan

In October we shared photos of the baptisms of hundreds among the Toposa people group in South Sudan. Recently, 352 more Toposas were baptized, in addition to the 1120 baptized earlier. Please thank the Lord for the very warm reception of the Gospel among the Toposa people and pray that they will love and lead their neighbors in the region to the Lord. Acts 17:11-12.

Request from our Brother Manai in South Asia

Manai is a leader in a security-sensitive area of South Asia. He has been experiencing severe back pain for several months and now has internal bleeding. Advanced medical care does not exist where he lives and serves. He has asked for our prayers. Philippians 2:25-30.

Christmas Outreaches in India…

Nearby is a picture of one of the Christmas outreach efforts in a place known as the “City of Joy” in West Bengal, India. Please pray for all those who heard the Gospel in an area now dominated by a prominent Hindu temple. Acts 19:23-41.

…And in Malawi

Our brother Kenny Fong reports that on Christmas day in Malawi, 20 new believers were baptized. Pray that the seeds planted in Malawi and India and around the world during the Christmas season would yield a bountiful harvest. Matthew 13:18-23.

Seeking and Helping Individual Sheep in DR Congo

Our brother Michel reports that a local leader, Mbilizi, recently baptized our new brother, Murderwa in the DR Congo. Now there are indications that Murderwa’s Muslim family is very angry not only at their relative, but also at Mbilizi. Michel reports that Mbilizi also made a 45-kilometer round trip to the Kitutu village to baptize another new brother, David. Pray for these new believers and their families and thank the Lord that his followers like Mbilizi are willing to endure opposition and go to great lengths to rescue one lost sheep. 1 John 2:6. 

Doriane in Reunion Island

We have enjoyed hearing about the remarkable reconciliations and salvations within our sister Doriane’s family in Reunion Island. Our sister is back there now to continue encouraging and discipling her relatives who have come to know the Lord. Please pray for all of them. Acts 16:30-34.

February Prayer Project  

Please share with us any prayer requests that you would like to be included in a new prayer project during February. Revelation 5:8.

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