July 2019 Prayer Gram

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Mission Trip to Rwanda and Kenya

Thank you for your prayers for our team in Rwanda and Kenya during June. The trip was fantastic! We were able to see the Lord move in a number of different ways while we were in the field. We were able to see 41 people make professions of faith and were invited by the local pastors to help baptize 136 people. Our team also had the opportunity to meet the leaders and to get reports firsthand as to how the work is proceeding in their areas of responsibility. Throughout the entire trip we had a chance to hear some amazing testimonies about how the Lord healed people physically and spiritually. God is alive and well and definitely at work around the globe! Click here to see photos from the trip.

Spiritual and Physical Thirst in South Sudan

A team led by our brother John will be sharing the gospel and providing water to a very poor people group known as the Jie. Pray for these people and for the wisdom of this team in helping the thirsty.  John 4: 13-14.

Update from Cameroon

Our brother Leo reports 10 new baptisms. New disciples Claude and Sandrine are helping to baptize the newest believers. Pray that all the many new believers among the formerly “unengaged and unreached” will continue to walk in “newness of life.” Romans 6: 3-4.

Baptisms in Uganda

Our partners report seven more baptisms in Uganda. At the link below is a video of one such recent baptism there. Pray for the growth and spiritual maturity of these new believers. See more here. Colossians 2: 8-15.  

Passing of a Faithful Brother in South Asia

Dave Marrett reports that our brother Joseph recently succumbed to an illness, leaving behind a wife and four young children. There was joy in the midst of sorrow as the Lord provided a spiritual breakthrough in a nearby village following the funeral. Pray for Joseph’s family and for our brother Dave and the new believers, that all of them would continue Joseph’s legacy of faithful service to the Lord there.  2 Timothy 1: 5.

Miracle After Eight Years of Prayer

Our sister Anima has been making disciples of the Lord for the past eight years, all the while praying consistently for the salvation of her husband. After eight years, the Lord granted Anima’s persistent requests as her husband also became a Christ follower. Thank the Lord for this great news and for helping Anima reflect the Lord’s love to her husband. 1 Corinthians 7: 12-16.

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