July 2020 Prayer Gram

prayer gram

Door International Prayer Requests

Door International, our ministry partner which identifies itself as “deaf reaching deaf for Christ,” has shared several requests. Please pray for: Kenyan missionary Edward Obaga as he mentors teams in South Sudan; a Central Asian team being persecuted by the government; Door’s Aaela Mukdasa team whose office was taken over while the team was out of the country; Door’s COVID-19, African relief team consisting of Ken, Simon, Emily and Paul; our sister Clarice, who is recovering from surgery in Kenya; and a Door family member needing surgery in Central Asia. 1 Peter 5:8-11.

Helping the Poor in South Asia Despite Opposition

Our brother Dave Marrett has seen much opposition and persecution of teams in South Asia. He reports that leaders in a high security risk area there have done tremendous work getting food to desperate people. Enemies of the gospel are threatening the believers and opposing their work simply because they are Christians. Galatians 2:10.

Sister Yanet in Peru

Our sister Yanet is sharing the gospel with others and also training her daughter to be a disciple, but she is struggling with health issues as well as spiritual opposition. 2 Timothy 1:5.

Physical and Spiritual Food for the Starving in Malawi

The pandemic has caused enormous problems in impoverished communities around the world. Generous believers are responding, including our brothers and sisters who are feeding thousands in Malawi. Many of the poor there also are discovering the Bread of Life. Recently 21 were baptized. Nearby is a photo of one of the baptisms. Matthew 14:16.

More Baptisms in DR Congo and Mauritius

Our brothers Kenny Fong and Michel are reporting that more people are turning to the Lord in DR Congo and in Mauritius. Nearby are photos of baptisms in DR Congo. Kenny provided the small pool since recent heavy rains in DR Congo have made it dangerous to baptize in the lake there. Acts 8:36-38.

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