June 2019 Prayer Gram

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Upcoming Mission Trip to Rwanda and Kenya

Please pray for our team going to Rwanda and Kenya on June 18—27.  They include Tammy Short, Ben Short, Glenn Parker, Jake Parker, Michelle Manis, Dustin Manis and David Johnson.  Among other things, they will worship, preach, pray, baptize and teach others to do likewise in serving the Lord.  Pray for the success and safety of this trip and for the gospel to bring true peace and healing to a people who have known great suffering and experienced terrible violence.  Jonah 3: 8-10.

Update from Cameroon

Our team has shared the gospel with more than 100 members of the Bomwali people group, and so far 35 have become Christ followers.  Three groups of Bomwali believers have begun to meet regularly. Our brother Leo and his team also have located two of the remaining “Unengaged, Unreached People Groups,” the Hyjuk and the Ndemli.   Pray for those who still have no access to the gospel and for those committed to sharing it with them. Thank the Lord for the love of these new brothers and sisters and pray for great leaders to emerge among them.  Acts 14:23.

Encouraging Students and Faculty in Burundi

Our brother Michel, who has led a very effective prison ministry in the DR Congo, recently spoke to about 2,000 students and faculty members at Hope Africa University, a Christian liberal arts college in Burundi’s capital city of Bujumbura.  Pray for the fruitfulness of that message and for that college itself and the fulfillment of its goal “to equip students for Christ’s redemptive work in the world, starting in Burundi.” Daniel 1: 17-20.

Persecution in Bangladesh

In late May, we learned that our brother Rocky, who is a leader in Bangladesh, was beaten by Islamist extremists because of his faith in Christ.  Rocky and his team have remained faithful in proclaiming the gospel and making disciples even in the face of such opposition. Pray for them and for their attackers, and pray that Christ’s followers everywhere are able to rejoice whenever they are “counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.”   Acts 5: 41-42.

Update from Comoros

Thank you for your recent prayers for the people struggling to recover from the recent cyclones that hit this island chain off Africa’s southeastern coast.  Believers there continue to help meet severe physical and spiritual needs. Our brother Imaad reports baptizing 10 former Muslims in late May. Pray for them and their families.  Isaiah 9:2-4.

Testimony from Mauritius

Our brother Kenny Fong tells what has happened to a young disciple there:

“Frieda and I welcomed a young lady [named Doriane] into our home last year after being rejected by her father for following Jesus.  The mother of Doriane walked away from her life when she was four years old and moved to French Island. Doriane only saw her mum again in her 20’s, and her mother didn’t want to be part of Doriane’s life.

“One month ago, Doriane had a vision from God that she needed to share the gospel with her mum.  She obeyed and bought her ticket to travel to see her mother. It was very difficult to interact with her mother during the visit.  But on her last day (Mother’s Day), God broker her mother’s heart, and Doriane received answers to her questions after 28 years. She led her mother to Jesus after sharing her testimony and the gospel.  They both wept and could feel peace and reconciliation.

“Now her mother wants Doriane to teach her more about Jesus.  She even requested to gather her friends to hear about the power of redemption through Jesus.”

Thank the Lord for this miracle and for the continued reconciliation of this family and many others.  Luke 1: 17.

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