June 2020 Prayer Gram

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Translating Bible Stories for the Deaf in Rwanda

Please pray for Door International’s partners in Rwanda as they begin translating the first 32 “chronological Bible translation” (CBT) stories. Door International has found that the deaf learn about the Lord and His Word most effectively through Bible stories. The first translations are 32 evangelistic narratives taken from Genesis 1 through Acts 2. Pray also for the many deaf people who will first encounter the Word of the Lord through these stories. Romans 10:17-18.

One Who Turned Away

Please pray for the members of one particular “2 x 2” deaf, evangelistic team in South Asia. One of the two turned from the work and renounced his faith. Unfortunately even our Lord after His arrest, and many others, like the Apostle Paul in Rome, have experienced desertions and betrayals. Pray that this one might turn out like Peter and John Mark and again be a leader ministering for the cause of Christ. Pray also for the teammate who has remained faithful. 2 Timothy 4:11.   

Disciples Sharing Food Around the World

Due to the pandemic, many disciples around the world are helping provide food to the many millions who do not have access to it or to the levels of government assistance being provided in wealthy countries. Our brother Dave Marrett reports that evangelistic teams recently shared food and God’s love with more than 1,000 people in three villages in a security risk area in South Asia. At another location, police apparently harassed a team for helping a despised minority group. The police threatened the team with automatic three-year jail terms if social distancing laws were broken. The team reported that the crowd was amazed that anyone would risk associating with them. Pray for the love of Christ to overwhelm cultural and racial animosities. James 2:15-16.

Bold New Leader in Mauritius

Kenny Fong reports that the pandemic lockdown in Mauritius actually has resulted in the opening of new doors of opportunity. One new believer is already becoming a bold leader in her community, despite her husband threatening to kill her. Pray for this brave new sister and also for her unbelieving husband. 1 Corinthians 7:16.

Persecution in South Sudan

Previously we have shared news of the remarkable spread of the Gospel in South Sudan, particularly among the Toposa people group. Now four disciple makers, Elia, Lucino, Joseph, and Cipirano, are reporting threats from tribal warriors due to so many people turning to Christ and abandoning animistic traditions. Pray for our brothers and sisters facing persecution and very hostile spiritual opposition, and pray also for their persecutors. Matthew 5:44-47.

Devastation in South Asia

“Super cyclone” Amphan, which reportedly was the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal, left terrible destruction in India and Bangladesh. One of our local leaders, Tapan, was missing along with his family, but later they all were found. The homes of some of our partners have been damaged or destroyed. Please pray for all those affected and for good to come to the people there during and after the rebuilding. Romans 8:28.

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