June 2023 Prayer Gram

First Tuesday Prayer Gathering – Streamed LIVE on June 6

We would love for you to join us at our First Tuesday Prayer Gathering on June 6 from 7:00-7:30am.  We’re so excited to announce that we will be streaming the prayer gathering LIVE! 

Joining in to pray from anywhere is easy—simply click the Zoom link below! https://us04web.zoom.us/j/5558004388?pwd=nBWFpPg9S9aq03NPEp07Fw4Jsa9uQz.1. 1 John 5:13-15.

“A Blind Man Leads a Kenyan Village to Find the Lord”

We’re so encouraged by the story we recently received about an elderly blind man who is well-respected by entire communities in his region. One of our team members met him at Samia, speaking at his daughter’s home. Being a storyteller, he likes talking to people, especially young ones. Every day, in the evening, the youth gathered around him to hear interesting stories about the colonial period. This time, Mike (our disciple) decided to join the conversation. He shared about the early Christians in Kenya. Through their conversations, Mike realized that the elderly man came from the same village as him.

“The man was found to be a person of peace, and after he welcomed us, we shared with him about Disciple Making Movements (DMM). He was very interested in the teachings, and he asked us to give him a Bible so that one of his children could read it to him every day. Because of his eye disability, we left a proclaimer (an audio Bible) with him. He was amazed and wondered about it because it had all the books of the Bible for him to hear. He said that sometimes his child got tired of reading the Bible to him, but now he could carry the audio Bible with him everywhere he goes. He was also happy with how easy it was to operate and that it didn’t require much skill.”

The elderly gentleman decided to start leading a family group. He shared God’s Word locally in his area and is now the leader of that DMM team. Their number has continued to grow. His storytelling has changed to sharing and discovering the Word of God as a group. Through this blind man and the DMM process, several Discovery Bible Studies have been formed and are being led by committed leaders who have a passion for God’s Word.

Films About People Transformed by Christ

Be encouraged and inspired by over 150 films that share “real stories of real people who met the real Jesus.” Check out this amazing, free streaming library from one of our partners to experience stories about the power of the Gospel at work in people’s lives today! https://www.iamsecond.com/film/. Mark 5:19-20.

Taking the Gospel to the Deaf Everywhere

Please cover in prayer these requests for those taking the Gospel to the deaf:

  • The Uganda team as they seek to reach more deaf people in the area with a Bible translation in their heart language.  
  • For South Sudanese teams to reach the deaf there and to explain who Jesus really is. 
  • For teams serving in a country dealing with significant unrest.
  • For multiple sign language Bible translation projects, Jesus film and video projects, and for more translators. Matthew 9:37-38.

Sharing the Compassion of Christ in Places Long Devastated

Cyclone Mocha recently came ashore in Myanmar and Bangladesh after earlier becoming the equivalent of a category-five storm. The area impacted was inhabited by about one million people displaced due to the ongoing war in Myanmar. Hundreds are reported to have lost their lives. Pray for all those affected and for the believers and churches to share the compassion of Christ with many lost and devastated people. Isaiah 61:4.

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