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Is God at the center of your life? Take a hard look at the way you are conducting yourself daily. Is He present? How often are you considering Him?  We are always on God’s mind, and He should be on ours.  Keeping God at the center of your life is crucial in maintaining a strong faith.

(Have a plan for salvation!)

Daily Distractions

God has let us know how susceptible to sin we are, and He forgives us for our transgressions, but often times we find ourselves falling back into our same bad habits. The cycle can be explained by taking a look into our daily routines.  What is it that has you placing other things before Him?

Are you obsessively checking your Facebook or Twitter? Are you obsessing over your favorite sports team? People are spending more and more time glued to their computer screens, versus their Bibles. These things are false idols. Be aware of their presence.

Idols can also be the need for acceptance in a certain area. These days, people are searching for acceptance in many ways. Some spend an unreasonable amount of time working on their appearance to be accepted. Others feel money can help define themselves. These are all false ideas of success people are chasing daily, and they can easily lead even the most devout astray.

Recenter Him

The good news is, that going astray happens to everyone, and recentering God in your life is possible with Christian inspiration.

First, become aware of the evil in your life. Things like Facebook and sports aren’t always evil, but if they are slowly causing you to think more about them, and less about God, they may be a problem. Recognize these daily distractions, ask for forgiveness, and work to combat them.

Second, ask for guidance. Changing habits is extremely hard. Sometimes when we give something up, the temptation becomes greater. Ask Him for help along the way, and be open to receiving his plans.

Third, work to serve Him daily. Make extra efforts to do God’s work. Volunteer, be understanding, and share the Gospel with a new soul: This is how Jesus lived his life, and we should follow in His footsteps.

Grow Closer To God

By recognizing our faults and actively working to abolish them, our relationship to God actively grows stronger. It becomes easier for us to see His plan, hear His words, recognize His signs, and trust His love. We become happier in our journeys and  more grateful for our blessings.

All of these things make us great examples of His power. He becomes visible inside of us, and lost souls will become more curious. We are better prepared to teach His love to the rest of the world, and have them understand it. Recenter yourself, and elevate yourself to new heights within your life.

Interested in committing yourself to God in a major way? Consider mission work!

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