March Prayer Gram



Thank you for your support, encouragement and hospitality during the recent visit of Brent Parsons and David Okecho, the Chief Operating Officer and Ugandan National Director, respectively, of Reaching Souls International. Our Brother David’s testimony and reports vividly described the impact that your faithfulness and support can make in the lives of many spiritually hungry people. He also shared some keen insights about our own culture from the perspective of a first-time visitor from a materially poor country. Let’s continue praying for these brothers and their work and the believers and churches in Uganda. Let’s also pray that we and our relatively wealthy U.S. churches don’t become like the church described in Revelation 3:14-18.

Imprisoned Sister

Please remember our Sister Wu during her imprisonment in China. We have been informed that she will be in jail for at least one year, and that her husband and three children will not be allowed to visit her.  However, there also are reports that even in such a situation, Sister Wu is sharing her faith in Christ inside the prison. Please pray for her and her family and all those involved in her case, as well as all those who will hear and learn of her testimony.  Colossians 4:18.

Isolated Believers with Little Understanding of the Faith

Some of our partners recently visited very remote villages in Pakistan and found that some of the individuals identifying themselves as Christians were living mostly as if they belong to another religion that is dominant in that area. In response, our partners have started a “Mobile Bible School” to teach the fundamentals of the faith to such isolated believers. Please pray for these people who seem like young sheep without a shepherd. Please pray also for teachers and pastors to lead and guide them in the way of truth.   Matthew 9:36-38.

Fruitful Work in Uganda

One of our partners reports that a recent training program in Uganda already is producing encouraging results. Many professions of faith and baptisms have been reported, and new groups of believers have been formed. In addition, many orphans have come to know the Lord as a result of the work of our Brother Edward and his wife, Fiona. Please pray for them and the orphans whom they serve and instruct.

Nigerian Prayer Requests

Our Brother Emem in southern Nigeria has passed along his own prayer request:

“I have three cultists that gave their [lives] to Jesus last month.  One is very serious in our meeting.  I am planning for his baptism this month before my trip to Zambia.  I need prayer for them, because their gang is hunting them, asking them to return to their gang, else they should consider themselves dead.”

Also in Nigeria, our Brother Godwin has asked for prayer for the believers in the state of Kaduna, as they have been suffering attacks from radical Islamists. One report indicated that at least 21 people have been killed and that Kaduna has been placed under a very strict curfew. Please pray both for the believers there and for their persecutors, that the light and love of Christ will overwhelm them all.

Upcoming Trip to India

Please continue to pray for both the spiritual and logistical preparations for the Punjab trip scheduled for April 3—11. As is our practice, the team will focus on evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.

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