May 2020 Prayer Gram

The Cost of Following Christ in East Africa

Praise the Lord for the new life of Khadija, our sister who recently began following Christ. When Khadija made her decision, her unbelieving parents evicted her from their house and took away her small business. With no place to live and no means of support, fellow believers nearby are helping her. Pray for Khadija and her family and the community of believers in East Africa, for their faithfulness and for ours. Matthew 10:32-39.

Feeding the Hungry in Cuba

Pray for our brother Gabriel in Cuba and the many other believers who are trying to feed the hungry, both spiritually and physically. The lockdown order is strictly enforced where Gabriel lives, and he is trying to take food from his farm to feed his neighbors. Pray for believers in Cuba and everywhere to help their neighbors and to share the love of Christ during this pandemic. Mark 6: 37.  

Discipleship Training in Peru

Our sister Ethel has an uplifting testimony in the video linked below about the ongoing discipleship training and church planting during the pandemic in Peru. Pray for Ethel along with the believers and new home churches in Peru. 2 Thessalonians 3:1.

Helping the Poor in Liberia

Our brother Joe Kolliesuah is sharing the gospel along with food and sanitation items in impoverished urban areas of Liberia. He also is encouraging fellow believers and leaders there to share the blessings of Christ with those in tremendous need. Psalm 146:5-9. 

Prayer Requests for Three Disciples in Slovenia

Our brother Matjaz in Slovenia asks that we pray for Miha, Alenka, and Mojca as they are beginning to share Christ with others. Miha is eager to share the gospel, and he needs practical advice and guidance in doing so. Alenka asks that she learn “to cast her burdens on the Lord and to grow in persistent, trusting prayer,” especially in her relationships with her three sons and in her discipleship of another sister in Christ. Mojca asks for freedom from a mentality of criticism and bitterness in her family and relationships. Galatians 6:2.

New 2×2 Team in North Africa

Please pray for the new DOOR International 2×2 team that just finished its Bible and evangelism training. (The teams are comprised of one evangelist and one teacher who take with them a Bible translation in sign language along with their biblical training.) The team soon will return to its home country to begin reaching the deaf community there and establishing fellowships of deaf believers. Ephesians 4:11.

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