Meet Our New Partner: Door International

Door International

We’re excited to introduce you to our new partner, DOOR International. They have a unique mission that is focused on bringing the word of God to the deaf with translation and training. At Doulos, our focus is on reaching the world with the gospel, and finding field experts with the same mission. 

Keep reading to learn more about our new partnership with DOOR International, and how you can help in bringing the gospel to all nations. 

Why Deaf Ministry?

Deafness is often seen as a disability, but to the deaf, this is simply not the case. Instead of regarding deafness as a physical handicap, the deaf comfortably embrace the unique culture of being hearing impaired.  Many deaf people, if given a choice, would refuse to become able to hear. Being deaf is seen as part of who these people are, and it’s simply a way of life. In fact, many deaf people share the same beliefs, customs, and behaviors.

However, despite embracing their own culture, many of their parents do not. About 90% of deaf people are born to hearing parents, and very few of those parents choose to learn sign language.  This dysfunctionality is one of the other reasons DOOR International believes so strongly in the ministry of the deaf. By teaching God’s design for marriage and parenting, they can help raise up strong families in the deaf community. 

Who They Are

Based out of Zeeland, Michigan, DOOR International is an organization focused on bringing the gospel to the deaf of the world. Out of the 70 million deaf people in the world, less than 2% follow Jesus. This is a staggering statistic, and the need for workers is dire. Not only are these teams native to the areas they work in, they are also native to the deaf population, because they, too, are deaf. Coupling two strategies, translation and training, DOOR International is taking the gospel to areas it has never been before.

What They Do

DOOR International believes the best people to reach the deaf are deaf believers. Instead of people able to hear teaching the deaf, they believe in recruiting and training other deaf people to teach the word. They form what they call “2-by-2 teams” which are comprised of an evangelist and a teacher, equipped with a translation of God’s word in sign language. The goal is deaf-led church planting that is reproducible and sustainable. 

Pray for Our New Partners

With the addition of DOOR International, we are truly excited for the work that will be taking place within the deaf community. We ask that you pray for our new partners as they connect the deaf and hearing worlds, and pray for the salvation of the unreached deaf communities. 

Interested in partnering with Doulos Partners or getting involved in empowering the indigenous? Contact us today.

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