Meet the Doulos Board of Directors

Doulos Board of Directors

As a nonprofit ministry organization, Doulos Partners relies on our Board of Directors to serve many purposes, including being the organization’s advisors and accountability partners.

Financially speaking, our board members advise on the most responsible way to spend the money given by our donors. The goal is always to advance God’s kingdom!

In fact, our board is so committed to this mission that they cover 100% of the administrative costs of Doulos Partners. This means that 100% of the money given to our organization goes directly to the mission field!

What Does Our Board Look Like?

All of our board members have things about them that make them unique. Ben Short was drafted by the Yankees in 1991. Rick Burgess is the co-author of three New York Times Bestsellers. The list goes on!

However, there are similarities that give some insight into the kind of person who devotes themselves to serving on the Doulos Partners Board of Directors.

They Have a Support System

No man is an island, including our board members. Each of these men have a supportive wife.

Scott Gurosky teaches youth Sunday school with his wife, Kelly. Tofey Leon has been married to his wife, Caren, for 30 years. Jim Croft and his wife, Leslie, have been married for 27 years.

The support, prayer, and advice these women provide help our board members make the best, balanced decisions possible.

They Understand a Father’s Heart

All of the members of our  board are fathers. They understand a father’s love for his children. This is a central motivation in their desire to bring God’s lost children to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Rusty Favorite and his wife, Donna, have the most kids of anyone on the board. Rusty is a busy father of 6.

When Rick Burgess’ youngest son, Bronner, tragically passed away, Rick’s eulogy became the week’s most viewed video worldwide on YouTube. His strength during such a hard time could only come from the Lord and the confidence he has that he will see his son again.

They Are Active Church Members

All of our board members are active in their local church. Many are deacons, Sunday school teachers, and trustees.

The church families represented by our board include Shades Mountain Baptist Church (Vestavia Hills, AL), Hunter Street Baptist Church (Hoover, AL), Liberty Park Baptist Church (Vestavia Hills, AL), Christ City Church (Birmingham, AL), People of Mars Hill (Mobile, AL), and NorthStar Church (Kennesaw, GA).

They Love to Serve

Almost all of our board members serve on multiple boards. They love serving others and are committed to seeing real lives changed.

Wayne Myrick serves on the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention and Scott Gurosky serves on the Foundation Board at Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Thomas Minor serves on advisory boards at his alma mater, Auburn University and also serves on the board for Junior Achievement. Lev Bragg serves on the board of trustees for Samford University. Gregg Morrison serves as a Board of Trustees member at Judson College.

These men are making community involvement a priority in their lives. They invest their time into serving those around them with the gifts they possess.

They Take a Global Worldview

Our board members understand that we aren’t limited to spreading the Gospel in our communities alone. We can pray, give and go. They have a heart for the global community.

Gary York served full time as a volunteer with Food for the Hungry and was able to minister in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Peru. This experience gives him a unique perspective on our board.

We Are Thankful for our Board Members

We are confident that God has placed each of our board members in service with Doulos Partners for such a time as this. We are thankful for all of the gifts, viewpoints, and ideas each one brings to the table.

Join us in praying for them. We pray they will be led by the Holy Spirit and full of wisdom.

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