Our Mission Trip to Cuba

mission trip to cuba

At 11:30 PM on Saturday, November 5th, our plane touched down in Havana. After we made our way through the immigration and customs procedures, we were welcomed with smiles and open arms from some of our church planters that had come to greet us. We loaded the van and officially started our week in Cuba.

Every November a team from Doulos Partners travels to Cuba to see all that God is doing in the field. Our teams are made up of Doulos staff as well as donors and friends who are investing into God’s work through Doulos. Each trip allows us to see firsthand what God is doing in Cuba and for those whom the Lord has called to financially invest in the work, an opportunity to make the next step and serve alongside those who they are supporting with their contributions.

This week was no exception. Each day we would travel through the countryside to join our church planters and pastors in a service alongside their congregations. We lifted our voices together with our brothers and sisters in Christ, as we sang together the worship of our God. We proclaimed the Gospel across the island as we served alongside the church planters and throughout the week saw 236 people make professions of faith in Christ. The Lord stirred the waters of baptism, as 36 new believers made that public profession of faith.

Through Doulos and our ministry partner in Cuba, World Link, $25 a month supports a pastor and their work. Throughout our time on the island, we were able to see how your investment of $25 a month is being used by those pastors. Our team was able to talk to the leadership of the work in Cuba and ensure that those pastors and church planters are receiving what is needed to move their ministries forward. We were able to serve alongside them to get a better understanding of how we can pray for them as they serve our great God.                  

What we take away from our week on the ground is a heart of gratitude for each of you who have sacrificially given of your resources to ensure that our church planters and pastors have what they need to fulfil the call of our God to preach the Gospel to their fellow countrymen. We are grateful to the Lord for the favor He is pouring out on them and their efforts. Most of all, we are overwhelmed with the way that our God is continually at work drawing people unto Himself around the world.

If you would like to join the work in Cuba through a financial gift or by traveling with us, please visit our website to find out how you can make that happen or contact Josh Clarke, our Vice President of Development, at josh.clarke@doulospartners.org.