Why Mission Trips Are Important for Your Teen

Christian mission trips

Christian mission trips are a vital way that we, as believers, can fulfill our role in the Great Commission. And although you may have already considered a mission trip’s purpose in your own life, you may not have thought about what a mission trip could mean for your teenager’s life.

Read on to find out why going on a Christian mission trip is an important part of your child’s walk with God.

Learning Obedience

In Matthew 28, Jesus tells us to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” He doesn’t say that only adults should do this, or only those who feel they have the time, or only those who want to go. It’s a blanket commandment to all believers, young and old.

If we want to teach our children to obey God, we can’t leave out the Great Commission. We can’t pretend it’s not important or that they can skate over it in the name of convenience. No — we must honor it, and therefore, we must encourage our children to obey God’s command to spread the gospel.

If your teenager is going to have the opportunity to obey the Great Commision, then he or she must have a chance to go to all nations. Literally every nation in the world? Probably not, but Jesus took the time to include the phrase “all nations,” which definitely doesn’t mean “just your home nation.” He wants us to get outside of our bubble and spread His word, and a mission trip is the perfect opportunity for your child to do just that.

Varied Community

Many teens interact with the same people every day: their parents, their friends, and their teachers. There’s nothing wrong with consistency, but God has created a wide variety of people on this planet, and each of them reflects Him in a unique way.

People in Kenya, for example, may reflect God’s character differently than people in the United States. While we certainly have things in common with our Kenyan brothers and sisters, we have unique cultures and backgrounds that allow us to be image-bearers in totally different capacities.

Getting to know people from a foreign culture can enrich your child’s mind in a multitude of ways. They will appreciate God’s creativity and the diversity of His world. They will see that people live differently depending on where they are and what their society is like, and they will begin to understand (if they don’t already) that material possessions are not the root of all happiness.

But perhaps most importantly, they will take part of the transformation of lives — bringing the news of Christ to a place where perhaps it has never been brought before.

Furthering the Kingdom

What is the heart of the Great Commission? To build the kingdom of God by sharing the gospel with those who have not heard it yet. To do that, someone has to go. Why not your child?

The opportunity to physically go to all nations and share what Christ has done with people who may never have heard the name of Jesus — that’s a tangible way that your teenager can participate in furthering God’s kingdom. Can’t they do that here, at home? Of course they can. But the Great Commission is specific about taking the gospel outward, to all nations, so it seems that ministering only in the home community falls short of what Jesus commanded us to do.

Christian Mission Trips with Doulos Partners

If you have questions about sending your teenage child on a Christian mission trip, just ask! We are always happy to explain what the process is like and what types of things we do on these trips. You can also take a look at our ministry impact or donate to our organization.

Our next mission trip is to Cuba, and time is very short to sign up. If you or your child are interested in going with us, contact us immediately!