Muslim Hitman Turns to God: Noor Alam

Noor Alam was a hitman. He had killed eight men and tortured many others. He had been imprisoned many times in the major jails of Bahar, India, but was always released after only short periods of time.

In November of 2010, Alam’s son fell gravely ill and suffered from serious stomach pains and a high fever. He and his wife prayed for him and visited mosques seeking healing from Allah, but the sickness worsened. Alam soon realized that they had no other choice but to take him to the hospital.

It was there that Alam and his wife realized just how serious their son’s condition was. The doctors appeared very solemn as they examined him, and Alam waited anxiously as their testing carried on for hours. By the time they allowed Alam to see his son, it was clear that he was on the brink of death.

His features had sank and his skin had taken on an ashen complexion. His breathing was shallow, weak. Alam recalls that he looked like a ghost.

Alam feared this was punishment from Allah. He has always considered himself faithful to Allah, and had believed Allah had granted him power over the infidels. Why, now, would Allah betray him? Why would he let his son waste away?

Doctor Guides Alam to Christ

Alam was not prepared to lose his son. He refused to let it happen. He continued to pray over his son until the doctor entered – and brought with him news Alam could not bear to hear.

There was very little medicine could do for him, the doctor explained.

Alam was furious. “You will save my son’s life or I will kill you” he threatened.

He noticed there was no fear in the doctor’s eyes. He appeared at peace, Alam realized. Even the threat of death had no effect on him.

The doctor looked at him with great compassion and said, “I cannot save your son, but I know someone who can: the Lord Jesus Christ. We can pray now if you wish.”

The men sat and prayed.

Alam did not know Christ but as he listened to the doctor speak he was overcome with emotion.

The doctor prayed as if he knew God personally, as if He was in the room with them. He prayed for Alam’s son as if he were his own. There was power, true power, in this prayer, power unlike any Alam had known before. It was not the power of violence; it was not the power of a gun.

When the doctor finished his prayer, he pulled a Bible from his coat and handed it to Alam and encouraged him to read.

As Alam read over his son and came to know Jesus, he made a promise to this new God. “Lord, if you heal my son, I will follow you with all my heart and you will be my God,” he prayed, “I beg your forgiveness for the terrible things I have done.”

Alam’s son made a miraculous recovery, and within the week he even returned home.

Determined to continue following God, Alam immersed himself in the New Testament and began proclaiming Jesus in his village.

By mid-2012 he had joined Big Life Ministries, and has since helped lead hundreds to Christ and planted many churches in Muslim villages.

He is following Christ with all his heart. Just as he promised.

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