November 2018 Prayer Gram


Cuba Mission Trip

Please pray for our team of 12 that David Johnson is leading along with our partner, World Link Ministries, on November 3–10.  The team will work with local church planters in Cuba.  Thank the Lord for the tremendous spread of the gospel and addition of believers there and ask “that He who has begun a good work in [them] will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1: 3–6).

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

The annual, International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church takes place on Sunday, November 4.   Let’s lift up our sisters and brothers suffering and sacrificing around the world.  Pray also for all those persecuting Christ, as Saul did before he encountered the Lord.  Pray for similar encounters with the Lord and changes of heart (Hebrews 13:3 and 1 Timothy 1: 12–17).

Buddhist-Background Missionary in South Asia

Lift in prayer David and Melinda Marrett serving in South Asia, and our sister Khin Khin, who has come to know the Lord through their ministry.  Khin Khin formerly was a Buddhist who reports having suffered great abuse.  Now, however, she has come to Christ.  So far, she already has led 30 others to faith in our Lord.  Here is a link to a video of her remarkable testimony.

Sewing and Harvesting in Nepal

Remember our brothers, Meet and Moses, and the leaders and teams recently trained in Nepal.  Lift up also our Brother Uttam in eastern Nepal and the 65 new Christ-followers there.

Building Unity in Thailand

Pray for our brothers, Lee and Peter, and others recently trained in Thailand at the 24:14 conference aiming to help ministries work together and multiply missions around the world.  Repeat Christ’s own prayer for the unity of all His followers (John 17: 20–23).

Ethiopian Training Facility

Pray for Bill and Marilyn Mitchell and the Grace Center discipleship training facility in Ethiopia.  Ask for wisdom and boldness for all the instructors and disciples who will work and study there.

New Believers in South Sudan

Thank the Lord for Lee Wood, Nathan Venton and our brother Mark and the new believers among the Toposa tribe in South Sudan.  Pray for the entire tribe to follow the Lord and to be salt and light in that region.

African Prayer Network

Ask the Lord for guidance and blessings on the African prayer network that our brother Rawlings is leading from Kenya, with help from Ademola in Mozambique, Michel in DR Congo, Kenny in Mauritius and John in South Sudan.

Transformations in Liberia

Our brothers Joe Kolliesuah and Lewis have reported on the miraculous work of the Lord in Liberia.  Two believers in the Peace Community there recently shared with Joe and Lewis how the Lord transformed their lives from their occult backgrounds.  Also, a woman from a Muslim family shared with them how the Lord appeared to her in a dream, prompting her to begin serving Jesus.  Pray for the continued encouragement of the leaders and disciples in Liberia.

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