November 2020 Prayer Gram

Brother Michel and Family Living in New Area of DRC

Please pray for our brother Michel, his wife, and their six children as they have all moved to the other side of the large country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), formerly known as Zaire, in order to take the Gospel to two unreached people groups. The logistical challenges were enormous. Pray that the Lord will keep all of them safe and bless their labors among those who have never before heard about our Lord. 2 Corinthians 11:26-28.

Open Door in Djibouti 

Thank the Lord for the door He has opened after much prayer in Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa.  Our brothers, Rawlings and Allan, are traveling there from Kenya to provide in-person training in an area known for religious hostility toward Christianity. Revelation 3:7.

Virus Outbreak in Nepal

Please pray for the health and quick recoveries of our leaders in Nepal. 33 of them recently tested positive for COVID-19. Pray also for their family members and the believers they are discipling. Philippians 2:26-30.

Pandemic-Related Restrictions in South Asia

Dave Marrett asks for continued prayers for our brother Joseph in a security-sensitive area of South Asia, where governmental restrictions during the pandemic have erected new obstacles to sharing the Gospel among many who do not know Christ. Pray that the pandemic would result in more and more opportunities for believers to model the love of our Lord among those who are lost and seemingly without hope. Romans 8:35-39.

Baptisms in Northern Uganda and Malawi

Praise the Lord for the six new believers who recently were baptized at a refugee camp in Northern Uganda. And thank Him for the one new believer our brother Gibson recently baptized in Malawi. Pray for Brother Gibson and all the teams and new believers facing additional challenges in these impoverished areas due to the pandemic and related restrictions. Luke 15:10.

Prayer Requests from the “Deaf Reaching Deaf for Christ”

DOOR International, one of our ministry partners, has asked for prayer for their teams and the lost in certain African countries where violence has increased. They also ask for prayers for newly baptized deaf believers in South Asia to be encouraged and to grow in their faith. They ask us to pray for the families of the deaf, especially among the poor, that they would have access to sign language resources. Finally, they have asked us to pray for unity among all the deaf ministries and mission servants around the world. John 17:20-23.

Prayer Requests from New Generations

New Generations, one of our ministry partners, emphasizes a “tent-making” strategy for its workers to support themselves and to build relationships among unreached people groups. Below is a link to a video illustrating this process. Pray for these workers and for strategic opportunities to help many unreached communities, both physically and spiritually. 2 Thessalonians 3:7-9. 

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