October 2018 Prayer Gram


Rejoicing in Northern India

Our brothers Benjamin and Robert and their teams have reported exciting results from Northern India.  In one month, 200 new villages have been reached, 400-500 people have dedicated their lives to following Christ, and about 150 homes soon will host new group meetings.  Rejoice over these new believers, and pray for the continued faithfulness and safety of these teams and the growth and boldness of all the new, fledgling churches.

Update on Mission to Comoros

Thank you for your prayers for Kenny Fong, who recently felt led by the Spirit to expand his work beyond Mauritius and into Comoros, off the southeastern African coast.  In Comoros, Kenny met and trained believers who are part of an underground church.  The believers there also put Kenny into contact with others interested in spreading the gospel both in Comoros and in Madagascar.   Please continue praying for Kenny and his wife, Frieda, and the Comoros believers, who have to meet secretly.  Pray also for the gospel to spread across all the islands in that region, including Madagascar.

Another Mauritius-Based Prayer Request

Our sister Doriane also has begun working with Kenny and Frieda Fong in Mauritius.  She is actively sharing her faith and recently has begun two small groups.  She now is traveling to France to consider a job opportunity there.  Please pray for guidance for her and for the new believers she is discipling in Mauritius.

Spreading the Gospel in Mozambique

Our brother, Ademola Olatunji and his wife, Bilhah, and their team are preparing to engage five of the 22 “unreached” people groups identified as evangelical populations of less than 2% of the total populations.  Pray for their wisdom, safety and effectiveness in taking the gospel to all these people.  Pray also for workers to take the gospel to the other 17 people groups as well.

Report from Joe Kolliesuah in Liberia

“Greetings!  It is [a] great blessing to share he Word of God with others.  Just last Saturday, September 15, 2018, Brother Lewis and I were in the Peace Community area to train 21 people.  We challenged them to reach others by sharing their faith in Jesus Christ with them.

“The emphasis of the training was to build multiplying groups in their communities and beyond.  In the training, two participants shared about their occult backgrounds and how God has transformed their lives.  Also, a lady from a Muslim family also shared about how God revealed Himself to her in a dream, and from there on she is now serving Jesus.

“We plan to follow up with these trainees to continuously encourage them in the Lord.  Please pray for us as we plan to share the Gospel with others in Liberia through trainings and discipleship.”

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