October 2019 Prayer Gram

Multiple Mission Trips Ongoing in October

Please pray for our two teams still in the field in early October. One team is working with refugees in the Middle East and one is working with local leaders and churches in Cuba. Romans 10:15.

Spiritual Opposition to New Disciples in Doriane’s Family in Reunion Island

As previously reported, our sister Doriane recently has led several of her family members to the Lord. New opposition has emerged from one relative who is active in the occult. Please pray for Doriane’s family in Reunion Island, located near Madagascar and Mauritius, and for this one particular opponent of the gospel, that she too may be rescued. Ephesians 6:12. 

Seeking the Lost in Difficult Places in Nigeria

Our brother Isaac is helping to share the gospel in difficult locations in Nigeria. He reports that some of the younger disciples among the Christians in a particular area are renting an apartment in a ghetto for the next three months as part of their efforts to share the gospel with the people there. Pray that the Lord will work through them to reach and to save the lost.  Luke 19:10.

Toposa People in South Sudan Turning to the Lord

Our brothers Nathan Venton and Lee Wood are coaching local leaders in South Sudan. They report that hundreds among the Toposa people have turned to the Lord. In late September it took most of the day to baptize all the new disciples in one location, and it took two days to do so at another location. Nearby are pictures of some of our new brothers and sisters. Praise the Lord for all these among the Toposa who are turning to Him and for His compassion on all of us who were lost. Matthew 9:36-38.

Still Baptizing in the Jordan River

At the Jordan River, our Brother Habil recently baptized 23 new followers of Christ. Pray that these new believers will continue to follow the Lord’s example throughout their lives, and pray also for Habil’s work in the Middle East and North Africa. 1 John 2:5-6.

South Asian Testimony

Our brother, Dave Marrett, who serves in certain dangerous places in South Asia, has offered the following testimony:

“During our recent retreat, I was asking God for clarity of direction for the push of the Gospel into all of the security sensitive areas of South Asia where I serve. I began to get some words from the Father that I found difficult to piece together, and then last night after the retreat God gave me a dream of a man leading thousands across the mountains—no white faces, just indigenous peoples.  He was not way out front of everyone else, just one step ahead. Then I saw his face, and it was one of my brothers that I have poured deeply into for two years.

I wrestled with this and felt compelled to speak with him this morning. Before I could share with him, he told me that he had some news for me. He said that the Holy Spirit spoke with him to leave where he is currently living and to return to his (unreached) people. God had also told him that there is much hardship ahead, but he would raise up thousands out of the harvest to journey with him.  

When I told him of my dream and the words God had given me, we were both full of such joy as it confirmed what the Holy Spirit had already spoken to him. Pray for our brother, whom we will call ‘Y’ for security purposes. He is a mighty warrior for Christ, speaks six languages, is an incredible trainer, and is prepared to walk through hard times. He has made hundreds of disciples among refugees, sending many of them back to their own people groups. I believe he will be the new ‘Paul’ for the people of his country! Pray for courage and strength for our brother.”

Acts 16:9-10.

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