October 2020 Prayer Gram

Recent Report from Remote Area of Nepal

“We are so thankful to the Lord that recently 15 people accepted the Lord Jesus and took baptism.  This village is in remote mountains. It is a real challenge for our leaders because they have to walk for more than four hours under very risky circumstances to reach the village. There is no transport other than by foot due to the severity of the mountain slopes.

The village people are of a Hindu caste who are very devoted to their idols and refuse to accept any other religion. Therefore, in the past it was a dangerous place to preach the Gospel. However, praise God that He changed the hearts of the people to welcome our leaders to share the Gospel of which many people witnessed healing in their lives and accepted Jesus. We have now started several groups and also taught them the 3/3rd method of Bible study and application. These people are now empowered to reach their own people. There are also 10 more people who plan to be baptized soon. Please continue to pray for the people of this village.”

Below are pictures from the baptisms in swift streams.  

Reaching a UUPG in Comoros

Our brother Imaad recently began working to share the Gospel with an “unengaged, unreached people group” (UUPG) in Comoros, off the southeastern coast of Africa and northwest of Madagascar. We received word in mid-September that five new believers among this particular UUPG have publicly professed their faith in Christ through water baptism. Matthew 24:14.

Update from Sister Doriane in Mauritius

And not too far away from there, on an Indian Ocean island off the east coast of Madagascar, we have been blessed to hear our Sister Doriane’s stories of reconciliation with her mother and relatives and the spread of the Gospel among them  Now, our brother Kenny Fong reports that Doriane shared her story with a group of teenagers at an orphanage in Mauritius. All were in tears, and 13 became Christ followers. The orphanage director is allowing Doriane to visit weekly with the orphans there. James 1:27.

Reaching the Lost by Any (Transportation) Means Necessary

Please pray for one of our local leaders, Medhi, who recently traveled 40 kilometers by donkey to share the Gospel and provide help to a small community in Tunisia. Pray also for the people who are hearing for the first time that the Lord loves them, died for them, and sent His followers to tell them all about Him. Below are pictures of our brother Medhi preparing and leaving on his journey.  1 Corinthians 9:22-23.

Prayer Requests from the “Deaf Reaching Deaf for Christ”

Door International, one of our ministry partners, has asked for prayer for their sign language translators in Ethiopia. They also have expressed thanks to the Lord for providing opportunities to evangelize in new places, such as Kidatu, Tanzania. Pray for the 2×2 teams there and the deaf who, through sign language, will be told the Gospel for the first time. Romans 10:13-15.

Prayer Requests from New Generations

New Generations, one of our ministry partners, has asked for prayer for African communities facing severe flooding. In one Muslim community there, over 67,000 people have been affected and over 40,000 reportedly have lost all their possessions. Church planters had been working in that area before the flooding when some radical Islamists burned churches, attacked believers, and beat to death one church planter. After floods hit that community, Christian teams provided emergency help. Local Muslim leaders were shocked that persecuted Christians would provide assistance, something neither the government nor other Muslims were doing. The amazing acts and examples of love toward enemies have opened doors to sharing the entire story of our Lord, who inspired and commanded His followers to love and do good even to enemies persecuting them. Matthew 5:44-48.

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