October Prayer Gram


Thanks to and for Doulos’ Donors

Our staff wants to express its sincere appreciation to and for all our donors and also the Doulos Board.  As a result of the generous commitment of our Board to finance all of our administrative costs, 100% of our donors’ gifts go directly to the field.  We thank the Lord for each of you and for your giving.  Pray also that more people will share with all of us in this work.

Upcoming Cuba Trip

Please pray for our team scheduled to visit Cuba on November 4—11.  Pray also for the local pastors, house churches and all those severely affected with homes destroyed or significantly damaged.  Rebuilding or making repairs in such situations can be particularly difficult in certain locales.  Pray that our team, consisting of Josh Clarke, Ryan Adams, Nicole Beachum, Patrick Dreher, John Ronderos, and Madison Schneider, will be able to provide material and spiritual assistance and encouragement and light to those in darkness.  Pray that the local pastors and believers will experience and share in the Lord’s provision for their needs and for those who still are lost.  Pray that the lost will be saved and the saved encouraged.

Imprisoned Sister in China

Please continue praying for the imprisoned leader whom we’re calling Sister Hu.  Please also pray for her husband and children, whom she hasn’t been able to see for about a year due to repeated jailings and probations, imposed as punishments for her Christian evangelism.  Pray for her jailers and fellow inmates that they will hear and believe the gospel.   (Ephesians 6:18-20)

Global Refugee Outreach (GRO) Initiative

Please remember in prayer the field work in preparation of sharing the gospel and making disciples among the six million or so refugees now living in Jordan, Germany, Greece, Turkey, and Kenya.  Pray for wisdom and discernment as our partners are identifying, enlisting, and training leaders in those countries.  Pray also for those leaders whom the Lord is calling.  Finally, pray for the attainment of our goal of raising the last $80,000 of our goal of $180,000 for the first year of the GRO.  (2 Corinthians 9:8)

Two Villages in Thailand

Our brother Dave has asked that we pray for the Holy Spirit to continue working in the hearts of the people in two rural Muslim villages.  Dave and other believers have been caring for the sick and transporting them to a hospital they otherwise couldn’t reach.  Dave and his team have been invited to stay in the village for three days.  Several villagers have asked the believers to tell them about Jesus.  Thank the Lord that the gospel is being preached to those who don’t yet know the Lord.  Pray also that the Holy Spirit will continue His work of testifying to the truth of the gospel and that this testimony will extend to these Thai villages.  (John 15:26)

Training in Nigeria and Elsewhere

Throughout the world, we and our partners are identifying and training local leaders, who in turn share the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches in areas where Christ is little known if at all and where this work often is actively and violently opposed.  As one example, Brother Andrew and Brother Gillyson are training local leaders in Nigeria in an area dominated by Boko Haram.  Pray for these brothers and the leaders there and all who will hear the gospel through them.  Pray also for those in opposition, that they will be overwhelmed by the love of Christ.

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