October Prayer Gram


Cuba:  November 5—12 Trip and Recent Testimonies

Please continue to pray that the hearts of those who will hear the gospel will be good soil. Pray also for issuance of religious visas for all those traveling. Please pray especially for our four team members planning to go: Mike Jackson, Josh Clarke, Manny Fernandez, and David Johnson.

Ask the Lord to provide help and comfort to all those struggling in Cuba and elsewhere to recover from Hurricane Matthew. Pray also for those providing aid and assistance.

Thank the Lord for the encouraging news from our local partners in Cuba. The evangelists have informed us of the salvation of the widow and 13-year-old son of a man who reportedly had been a well-known and leading idolater in a community known as the Yaya. After deciding to put their faith in Christ, the widow and son smashed and cleared away all the idols they had inherited.

Another group of local missionaries traveled in the back of a truck 20 kilometers during a severe storm to reach a particular town in Pinar del Rio. Afterward, they reported that 35 families heard the gospel and became followers of the Lord.

During a powerful and even joyful funeral service for the Christian father of our Sister Carelia, 20 people decided to became Christ followers.

Please pray for all these new believers in Cuba and their pastors and churches.

Praise Reports and Prayer Requests from Cameroon and Kenya

Our brother Leo reports that in the last two weeks in Cameroon, nine prisoners representing four different generations have been saved. Please pray for these new believers and the ministry to prisoners there.

In Kenya, our brother Dishon Osoro reports encountering resistance when he first shared the gospel with a nearby family on August 15 after praying for them for a long time. However, he then was surprised to see the whole family visiting the church the next Sunday. Both parents, James and Janet, are now believers, and the entire family has become active in the church. Please pray for them and their spiritual growth.

James Muteti also reports from Kenya that he and his wife were sharing the gospel door-to-door when a mother came running from her home for help. Her husband was severely beating their daughter with a cane for getting expelled from school. The expulsion meant shame for the family and a loss of the school fees paid for her. The evangelist couple talked to them and shared the gospel and helped the family to reconcile. Please pray for the father, Bazon, his wife, Mary, and their daughter, Collin, and for our partners’ efforts to nurture and disciple them.

Elisha Ndaro reports on participating with 25 different churches in a four-day evangelistic mission in mid-August in the village of Chidunguni, Kenya, near the Indian Ocean coast. Many Muslims live in the area. Elisha left discouraged, not seeing a single convert despite much prayer, preaching, and evangelism. Two days later, three of the participating pastors called to say that an Islamic Sheik had come to faith in Christ, along with seven other Muslims. All of them report fearing for their lives and do not want the other Muslims there to know about their conversions.  They earnestly asked for the Christians to pray for them.

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