Our Mission Trip to Kenya

mission trip to kenya

Kenya has held a special place in our heart for a long time, and our recent mission trip to Kitale was nothing short of amazing! With a team of 21 people from the United States, we arrived in Nairobi on July 19 and then traveled to Kitale, arriving on the morning of July 20.

Keep reading to find out what we did in Kitale and how God moved!

Leadership Development Institute

Our first four days in Kitale were spent training 224 men and 33 women in our Leadership Development Institute. Over 100 of these pastors were our new National Missionaries who hadn’t yet gone through training.

At the Leadership Development Institute, we gave 20 classes on topics like how to use an EvangeCube, the Four Spiritual Laws, Doctrine 1 and Doctrine 2 (what we believe about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; what we believe about church, creation, and the end times, etc.), how to give an altar call, leadership, marriage enrichment, and more.

Open Air Meetings

After training was complete, we spent three days alongside the Kenyans going into the streets. Split up into four teams of 70 people each, we went from house to house and street to street, sharing the gospel of Christ.

After each evangelism session, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, we set up a truck with a stage on the back. Someone would preach from that stage to whoever happened to be listening.

In three days and six evangelism sessions, we had 4,594 people (many of whom were Muslim) profess faith in Jesus Christ! Each of these people filled out a card with their address and phone number, and they were invited to a nearby church, where they were offered Bibles as a gift if they attended the service the following Sunday morning. By doing this, these new believers were immediately connected with the local church and provided with Christian community.

Our Next Christian Mission Trip: Cuba!

Here at Doulos, we believe that God commands us to take His word to the ends of the earth. After our journeys to India and Kenya, we are looking forward to fulfilling the Great Commission in Havana, Cuba, from November 5-12, and seeing what God will do!

If you are interested in joining us in Cuba, please contact us immediately as time to sign up is very limited. If you can’t go with us but would love to support the work we do, consider donating to our organization. We are thankful for your support!

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